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On an island in the sun…

On an island in the sun…

            On an island in the sun we’ll be playing and having fun! Though my “summer” vacation will happen in November, I feel sun in my heart all the time. Maybe it’s because life feels pretty good these days. Or maybe it’s all the live music; concerts and festivals? Probably all of it. Hey, Friend. How about some ice cream this time? 

When you’re on a golden sea
You don’t need no memory

            Do you know that if someone would ever ask me to recommend an ice cream place, I don’t have a favorite one? Coffee shop? Sure. A bar? Without any hesitation I will name 2 places. But a place to eat great ice cream? My mind is blank. Suddenly I laugh out loud – if everyone in the world had such problems, life would be just breezy. On the other hand, these complex issues help us appreciate the ice cream dilemma a little more. 

On the other hand, I would say it is a pretty big deal. For my godson? In the summertime it’s the first question he asks every time I am taking him somewhere. Except cinema, then the only acceptable ice creams are from McDonald’s. Anyway. How are you? 

Stay Wild 2022

I feel light. Lighter! Passing that damn exam would be one of the factors for sure. Oh, I didn’t tell you? As of Thursday, I am a Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional. Took me a year to even try to take it. But hey, it’s over 1600 slides, 831 pages of pure theory. And it’s been a minute since I finished my education. I passed and now I feel like I can finally do… Literally everything else.

Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone 

            I don’t know about anyone else, Friend, but I was raised in a certain way; to always do what I must (chores, homework) first and do the fun stuff for pleasure later. So you know – writing my book became… Well, it made me feel guilty. Stupid how we truly are our own worst enemies. Nothing bad would happen if I kept writing.

Luckily though, I never missed an idea. I keep writing them down, because you never know. And I am so glad it is finally taking shape. The hardest part is behind me – the idea. Now it’s all the pleasure of 5am writing on my swing. We walk slowly towards the crowded city center. I don’t usually take you and these conversations so far from home… But for the sake of the summer, why not? 

Stay Wild 2022, day 2

It’s nice to be out and about without that heavy weight around my heart. For the first time in ages, I am fully appreciating the sun. Or the fact that it’s still warm at 10pm. Well, it’s warm for most people, not me necessarily. My sunflower dress is gently moved by the wind. Gosh, I love it. But lately, I feel that inside yearning for autumn nights… 

It makes me feel so fine
I can’t control my brain

            But I am in the present and presently enjoying summer, the whole package. I mean, I bought all these concert tickets for a reason! It’s a totally different experience, to be in the sun, at a music festival in your hometown, sipping smuggled booze on a blanket with your mum. She is impossible, in the best way.

And amazes me more, every single day. Going out every single weekend to meet with her friends and family, enjoy life to the fullest, have a drink or two? Honestly, Friend. I don’t know a lot of parents doing that. But truly the best part of that is that she is pulling my dad to the surface too. I think that is super important in relationships – the continuous support and growing love. 

We are, I think, half-way through our tour. Next round comes on Sunday with the third show of this guy (and I will not lie, I am excited!). Then Ed Sheeran on Thursday, back to Wroclaw on Friday to see my childhood love Artur Rojek; one day to decompress and on Sunday? Gosh, I think it’s Krzysztof Zalewski but I might be wrong.

This guy!

            We finally reached a decent looking place to have some ice cream. As a kid, it was all chocolate, preferably covered in chocolate as well. These days, I like to mix it up with some fruity refreshments. Sooo maybe… Hmm. What are you having? 

When you’re on a holiday
You can’t find the words to say

            I will have peach prosecco. They also have tea-flavored ice cream but that sounds absolutely horrible and my heart broke a little. There is only one way to have tea, and it’s with hot water in the biggest mug possible. Your cup looks a little bigger with three different flavors, but that’s good. 

Summer is to enjoy things, not to feel guilty about them. Besides, you can never go wrong with so many ice creams, come on. Let’s go to the waterside. I think there will be plenty of people, but we can just walk around, with no goal. Oh Gosh, how I love just walking around with no purpose. It’s mind-numbing, and I mean it in the best possible way.

Like mother like daughter!

Our lives are so… Overwhelming. Everyday we are over-informed, and these are mostly bad news. Just watch any evening news broadcast – it’s all bad, tragic and just sad. We go silent for a minute. I guess that is the point – to surround yourself with people you feel comfortable enough to just shut the heck up.

            My mum is always laughing, because at every party there is this one moment where I go ultra silent. Not because I am tired or want to go home. It’s because I feel good and comfortable and I can just watch and take it all in. Family is a constant rollercoaster ride, but at the end of the day… It’s family. And the good outweighs the bad. 

All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too

            The city is flowing and blooming with the long rays of August sunshine. People with sunglasses are protecting their eyes, but why? Sure, it’s blurring your vision but no one is asking you to directly stare at it. But when you think about it, a lot of people say that they like rain and then… Boom, an umbrella. 

And there is nothing better than walking in the warm summer rain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s dramatically different from the cold, freezing autumn rain. I stop suddenly. Gosh, do you hear me? I love having such problems. It’s… It reminds me of my childhood. 

No worries, the ultimate picture

            My ice cream slowly melts as I keep talking and talking, instead of eating. I glance at you and I see a 5-year-old who devours a sweet treat in seconds. This is my island in the sun, this moment. But also every evening concert, when the sky changes from light blue to orange, pink and gray, just to become a dark background to the flashing lights. 

That moment, when you close your eyes and enjoy the present, the here and now… My island in the sun. I like being on that island, especially in the autumn and winter. It’s a lovely collection of warm memories, sunflowers and ice creams. Nothing warms up better.

We’ll run away together
We’ll spend some time forever…

            I am amazed with myself, you know? Your raised eyebrow makes me laugh out loud. Yet another thing that changed… Not like that, Friend. I evolved, like… Like a Pokemon. Hey, speaking of, Charizard, am I right? Huh, maybe I should watch it all over again…? You still look at me and I realize I did it again – I drifted away. 

Amazed, yes, but not in the egoistic way. I grew, I’m still growing; I learn every single day. Even passing that exam, right? And look, it’s not the peach prosecco speaking. For the first time in years I feel light and good and like I could start dancing right here and now. 

So yes, maybe I decided to spend the colder months on the island in the sun, made of beautiful memories, recharging for next spring and summer. Is it bad? I think everyone should have such a wonderful, warm place to hide. I can share mine with you.

Friends enjoying K-pop fever? Yes please!

            After all, it’s different to enjoy it with someone. Especially a mind as brilliant as yours. Look, the sun is going down. Sunsets are special. Do you want to sit down and enjoy it? Now that I think about it, I also don’t have a favorite spot to watch sunsets. Gosh, do I suck? Am I lame? Or… Or is it all ahead of me? 

We’ll never feel bad anymore!

            As the sun is slowly going to shine on the land Down Under, I feel the light breeze. Maybe the Universe wants me to find my “missing places” with someone by my side? Be that my mum or dad, my best friend or coworker. 

Some things are to be enjoyed WITH. Like… I can go to the movies by myself, or for my favorite meal to one of my favorite bars. But for a music festival or arrow tag? It’s better to be there with a fun bunch of people. 

I can feel you staring at me, you know? And only a fool looks at me, when there is a sunset that’s beating my face in every competition. Beating my face? That sounds wrong. Well, what I mean is that sunsets are better. But I know why. You are worried about my social batteries, right? 

            Well… Let me tell you this: I ain’t worried about it right now! Keeping dreams alive! Did I sing it too loud? Are people staring? Screw them. I feel so light. Come on, Friend. I’m hungry and feel like eating gzik. You HAVE TO try it. It’s the best! 

Best gzik in town!

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