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Have yourself a merry little…

Have yourself a merry little…

            Have yourself a merry little whatever. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Lot! It’s been a minute, no? But hey, I got some well-needed and well-deserved rest; you got some peace and quiet. That’s what I call a win-win situation. Oh, hi Friend. I’ve missed you!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light

            Come on in, it’s just me and my mum this year. Unfortunately, she has the flu. Sucks, as we had some nice family plans. I was supposed to spend Christmas with my favorite cousins! But that’s okay, at least she is not alone, which – believe me – was her initial plan. Can you believe it? I love my family a lot, but without my mum it’s not the same.

Mum <3

I’m so happy to have you here, too. It’s been one hell of a year, eh? Let me make some hot chocolate. Ever since I came back from Thailand, I cannot get warm enough. Or, you know what? Let’s have a glass of wine. I feel like having some good wine.

Cats are wandering around our legs, as if we created a maze for them. You are picking wine, but my parents don’t drink much of it, so the choice is limited. Your hand lands on a silver packet my parents got from their bank. It’s dry white, one of my favorites. Let’s crack this one, shall we?

From now on, our troubles will be out of sight!

            My parents’ house is what I call a “Christmas dream”. My mum loves collecting Christmas gnomes, she always has an uneven number of them. It’s funny, really. I hand you the wine glasses, but we can let the wine breathe for a minute. 

Now that I think about it, I have no idea why any wine does need to breathe. Oh wait, then it oxidizes, right? Makes it softer and releases all aromas… You look at me Yeah, well, anyway. Let’s make a toast! I hope you have plenty to be grateful for this year, Friend. We both smile as one of my cats brings his toy for someone to throw. 

Winter Wonderland

Our glasses touch with a quiet clicking sound. I, for one, am very grateful for this year. It’s been rough but great, in many, maaaany aspects. I would never change it, for anything. So many concerts, including Hans Zimmer

            But time for reflection will come, probably in a week. And then I will tell you ALL about Thailand, in 3 acts! It was a wonderful, fantastic trip and I loved every bit of it. Yes, I kept a journal, which I will share with you and Lot. 

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore

            We take the first sip in silence – it has a nice crisp to it. I think I like wine these days, you know? I swirl my wine and look up at you to see you laugh. Hey, what now? Come one, Friend. It’s Christmas! 

But I smile as well. Someone told me a few days ago that I have this glow… As if I was on vacation, or something. Of my journey I can tell you this – if there is a time for daydreaming, it’s a good one. And you know what? I’ve done plenty of that! 


All that summer affair deprived me of the typical Christmas blues, which, I must admit, feels nice. I mean, don’t get me wrong – it is the most wonderful time of the year – but there is always “something” to complain about.

            I smile and shake my head. Why are we always looking for something to complain about? Life is so wonderful! Sure, there are dull and low moments, and we are humans after all. But jeesh, Friend. We are bizarre species. 

Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more…

            So, this year it’s just me and my mum – absolute chill and bliss. There is no pressure, no formal outfits, no nothing. Just us, movies, good food (THE salad, curry herrings and ćwikła, which is my favorite festive food-set). My parents and I… It’s been a long road – rocky at times – but we are on great terms now.

The only thing we need to work on is my mum’s relationship with Star Wars. I mean, what the hell do you mean you don’t want to watch it?! Are you sure you are my mum? And isn’t Christmas the time for miracles to happen?! 

Speaking of miracles… I am my own Santa!

You keep on laughing to the point your tummy hurts. This is the best way to choke, right? Speaking of Bastille (don’t, just please don’t ask me how we got there) – I booked my first ever trip to London in February! I am so excited to go, to visit my friends and see the city! 

            I mean, 2023 is going to be amazing, I swear to Gods. Concerts (Ralph, Hans, Scorpions, Harry, Imagine Dragons – so far), trips, good times with my loved ones… What more do you need? 

Through the years, we all will be together
If the fates allow…

            Oh, and also – important news: my promotion is coming through in January, not April! It’s part of some kind of HR cleanup, but boy I am not gonna complain, ever. With great power comes great responsibility, but to be honest – I’ve been “doing” this since July and I don’t think a lot will change. 

I will just keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past year and really? Hope for the best. I mean… It’s not gonna get any worse, right? After all, it’s just work… Pays the bills, gives some kind of satisfaction (at least to a point) and keeps me connected to people. 

Work related how? That’s work bathroom, thanks for asking.

I look at you and see the pride in your eyes. It feels very nice, you know? I have accomplished something – and it’s really worth celebrating. And! Speaking of, let’s talk about celebrating New Year. It’s going to be with my besties and neighbors. Small house party, lots of good food, music, board games. 

            I never really understood the concept of festive celebrations of New Year. Perhaps it is a way for people to convince themselves that it is yet another chance to start over. So, why not with a bang?  

Hang a shining star upon the highest bough…

            Ahh, my Friend. I love Christmas, I really do. I kind of wish I was with my entire family now, but this is the season for all kinds of germs, viruses and bacteria to thrive. With this weather? Where the hell is my snow? 

You laugh at my outburst and I shake my head. It’s funny, right? I mean, just a few weeks ago I was in the sun, taking all of my vitamin D. Now I kind of miss snow. Instead, today we have beautiful sun, kind of spring-like. A sigh escapes my mouth, as we both look outside the window. 

Christmas gnome from my Nanna

Did you like the presents, Friend? My gaze returns to your watchful face. I love mine, really. But what I loved more was my mum’s reaction to her gift! I got her ticket to Harry Styles’ concert in Warsaw in July! It will be an amazing one, I am sure. 

And have yourself a merry little Christmas now…

            Come on, Friend. Let’s take this wine to go, I am sure my mum has thermos here somewhere. They can store cold just as they keep the heat, so… Why don’t we use the sun and have a stroll down the forest? 

The cats curiously look up from where they sleep, as we put our shoes on. Ah, it’s been a minute since we walked our route, right? We both smile as you take the thermos and I put on my hat. 

Well, for what it’s worth, Friend – I am home and it feels very nice and cozy. I’ll race you down! 

Snapshot from the cookies factory

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  1. I love the tone of this post, it’s so warm and fluffy <3
    And congrats on the promotion, it's a well deserved one!

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