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Soft movies for anxious times

            Soft is one of my favorite words, right after “soon” 😉 I had a different plan for today’s post, but yesterday was pretty tough and ….

1993 – movie’s version

            1993 was a beautiful year, in many aspects. Czech Republic and Slovakia separated, Kim Campbell became the 19th and first female Prime Minister of Canada, ….

Feel good movies to watch

            “Feel good” is a genre of its own, don’t you think? Much like the comfort movies, it’s a different level of soul-soothing escapism. And that ….

Filmed in London

            Filmed, set and inspired – my weekend trip to this wonderful city encouraged me to go back to the “best” ….

The sweetest thing

           Love is the sweetest thing – it comes in all shapes and sizes, but it most certainly is sweet, with a dash of bitterness. But ….

Spooky… This is Halloween!

            It’s a spooky season! Technically, it’s almost Halloween, we are one day away. As a kid I never really did the “trick or treat” and ….