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The year of me

The year of me

            The year of me is a new concept I will implement in 2024. Not to the selfish, negative extent, of course. But to a healthy length, where I will put myself first in (almost) all situations. Hey, Friend. Tea? 

Puttin’ someone first only works when you’re in their top five
And by the way, I’m goin’ out tonight

            Ah, I promised a personal “can’t wait” list in the last post, so here it goes! And it is short version, because… I have a feeling that a lot of other great, but unplanned things will happen. Let me take you on a little journey through what’s coming for yours truly in 2024. And it’s a lot of good things. But before we go there, do you want tea or coffee? I think I still have the Christmas blend somewhere.

My apartment is ready for Spring, with the Lego flowers (though I will change them for roses for Valentine’s Day) and colorful pillows. I am ready too! Mainly because Spring for me will be another trip to Asia, so… I will come back in April, when the weather should be better in Poland too.

headache season

But this eternal Spring is something to think about. The way the flowers bloom, I want to bloom too. That sentence was tough to write and read, but hey. Poets! We are like that sometimes. Life would be so boring without us, painting its canvas with such beautiful, vibrant phrases. 

I can still make the whole place shimmer!

            So coffee it is. I will have tea, I have this new phase of having chamomile in the evening and here I was, always thinking it’s disgusting. But it’s really nice and soothing actually. The evening gets darker, but you can feel the Spring is coming – it’s 4 PM and we can still see the daylight.

Can I tell you something? I got this 5 year journal from my friends on my birthday and it’s “one line a day”. So, it’s super exciting because I am actually writing that one line a day, each night before bed. And also, I started doing “the gratitude jar”, where every Sunday (or Monday morning) I write down one (or more) good thing (things) that happened in that previous week.

As humans, we have this sad tendency to only (or mainly) remember bad things. But so many great things could happen! And documenting them each week is how I am going to remember and cherish them. I plan to open the jar on New Year’s Eve and just be so happy I had so many great moments…

            Best thing? I used to keep dried lavender in that jar, so all the tiny pieces of paper are scented now. I cannot wait to fill the whole jar up! 

Don’t put mе in the basement
Whеn I want the penthouse of your heart

            But yes, while February will be fairly peaceful, filled with quality time with my friends, March is my travel month. MM and I are packing our backpacks and flying off on March 8th. And we return on the 31st, but to reality – on April 2nd. So, quite an amazing time off. 

We started planning, booking accommodations and certain activities that shall remain secret for time being. But it looks absolutely wonderful and I am so excited for this new adventure. And coming back right in time for the Spring-ish weather? Pure perfection.


April looks peaceful as well, but I am sure I will find some awesome things to do – in the realm of creativity. Writing, painting, scrapbooking… It fills my heart with joy, doing things with my hands. Hey! That snort was completely unnecessary, because you know damn well what I mean. 

I made you my world, have you heard?
I can reclaim the land

            End of May is my first concert of 2024 – this time The Jonas Brothers. I was super excited for it and now my emotions have cooled off a bit, but it still should be super fun and it’s a girls’ trip so… Beautiful. Not that I am complaining, not at all. 

June I plan to spend time outside, if weather allows, maybe do some local weekend trips to the mountains with my girls, so we can just relax and breathe some quality air, if you know what I mean. Then in July, MM, her mom and I are off to the seaside for a longer weekend and Ed Sheeran’s concert. Hey, what’s that look? I am going to see him live for the 3rd time and you know that I will for sure go for another one, if he plays in Poland.

our 2020 Ed Sheeran show!

            But the “main event” of concert adventures will come on August 1st, with the queen herself – Taylor Swift! She is playing for 3 nights on our National Stadium in Warsaw and we got our tickets for night #1. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to wear my sequins again. 

And so far, that is all when it comes to concerts, but my heart and mind is open for more. We will see what my wallet has to say about this, but right now, it doesn’t matter. It’s a future Jules’ problem. 

Diamonds in my eyes
I polish up real, I polish up real nice

            I  didn’t plan anything else so far, but I know that a lot of good things can and will happen along the way. And you know friend, I started listening to this new podcast, about becoming self-obsessed. I know how it sounds, but hear me out: the energy you create is the energy you receive back from the Universe.

So… If I treat myself right, if I put myself first, if I give myself the moon and stars… It will all come back to me, in abundances. From friends, family… I can feel it deep in my soul. Besides, who doesn’t like this playful, delusional, self-obsessed energy? 😉 

happy Jules

Work comes 3rd or even 4th these days, which is something I worked hard for. Therapy, meds – it all helped, but the real work really, truly comes from within and I know I sound like some mystical girly right now, but – as my therapist says – if something works, then it works, end of story. 

            So, buckle up, Friend. The year of me is coming, and I plan to drag my closest ones right in the middle of that beautiful tornado of happiness, abundance, joy and shooting stars. I deserve it. And if I deserved it, they deserve it too.

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  1. What a great approach! I think we’ve been taught too much that thinking about your own good is simply selfish and should be avoided at all cost. Well, this is not exactly true, is it? To be selfless you need to have something to give from and to have that you need to take care of yourself. You go girl! Here’s to this year being at least as awesome as you’ve planned it but, really, even better!

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