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Blooming season!

Blooming season!

            Blooming season is just around the corner… Or, in fact, it started already, and my balconies are the living, green proof of life. Hey, Friend. I got some new strawberry themed mugs, do you want some coffee?

Last time I saw you, said „What’s up?” and pushed right through
Then I tried to catch you but we’re always on the move

            Come in, come in. Don’t worry, I am one of those people who unpack right after they come back, I hate when things just lay around for no reason. The one thing that is always “left behind” is the toiletries. Why? Beats me, but it’s been 2 weeks and everything is unpacked. 

What a trip it was, my Friend. And yes, you are right! I am tanned! For my standards, it’s a lot, trust me. No longer the fairest person in the room… But also not too tanned, because my relationship to tanning changed over the years. 


Anyway, coffee? I can make you iced, if you want to. But at home, I still prefer my hot coffee. So, a flat white for you? Which strawberry mug do you want, the taller one on that cute little one? 

Come over here and sit next to me
We can see where things go naturally

            Somehow I knew you’re going to pick the bigger one. It’s okay, I love them both. The coffee machine hums to life and I cannot help but look outside at my balcony. I got persuaded and got a shitload of new plants, and some of them are blooming already! 

But to be honest, I planted them at the last possible moment, haha. It’s April, which means that most seeds should’ve been in the soil like in March. But, since I was blooming myself in the warm sun of the Philippines, the sunflower seeds had to wait. 

It’s funny when you finally accept that you have the mental capacity of a plant, and you need sun and water to be in the blooming mood. But do I complain? Absolutely not. Right now, since it’s spring I am transforming into a beautiful tulip. Until the sunflowers come out, of course.

It’s a midnight intervention, got no plans to make it stop
Last time I saw you, said you wanna keep it light

            You look at me amused. Oh, I know. I look alive, right? That’s what proper vacation does to your mind and body. I am lucky to be able to get 3 weeks off in a row, so even with such a long distance trip, I managed to get plenty of rest. And I mean PLENTY. OF. REST. I hand you the mug with steaming coffee. 

Oh, I still have some hazelnut syrup, if you want some. I feel much more alive, to be honest. Sure, vacation had the biggest impact on my mood and overall well-being, but damn, wonders actually happen when you start practicing detachment. 


I am not good at listening to podcasts, I much rather prefer to create them, but! There is an exception with Self Obsessed by Tam Kaur. Boy, did this change my perspective on a lot of things… But this isn’t the time or the place. I mean, it kind of is, but the most important thing you need to know, my dear Friend, is that I am finally blooming in the best possible way.

            I’d like to think that there is no perfect way of blooming really, but there could be one that’s best for you. It takes time to find it, so don’t worry. And hey, I am definitely a late bloomer, so… No rush. Focus on the things you can control. 

Just say the word and I’ll part the sea

            It’s still quite chilly outside, but the swing is… Well, it’s almost ready to be used again, as I lost that little part of it… You know what, that’s details no one needs, it will be working in no time. After all, it’s not rocket science. 

But you know what rocket science is? Hey no, don’t give that sassy answer that “rocket science IS rocket science”. We don’t do that in this household! But really, do you know the answer, Friend?

To each their own, really. For me it was discovering the perfect way of using my energy to start blooming. And as I was looking for plants for my balcony, I was looking for plants that bloom more than once a year. Of course, there are plants that are “evergreen”, but does it mean they bloom?

entering my Barbie era

            That’s why I won’t ever complain about my “complexity” and emotional/mental capacity of a plant. The difference is, I want to be blooming all year round. And… Perhaps now I am on the right way to achieve that mentality. Because, at the end of the day it’s all about the way you think about yourself. 

But I’m here to tell you I’m not trying to change your mind

            We decided to sip our coffee outside, scooched on the artificial grass, surrounded by Harry, Daisy, Laura Palmer, Dale Cooper, Dan & Jules and Halinka. See, know the hot coffee makes sense, because it’s keeping us warm. 

I cannot wait to have my morning coffee or tea here every single morning. Also, I think my neighbors are anxiously waiting for me to start playing music for them. We both giggle at the memory of these mornings last summer. That was a true blast, so why not do it again? 

happies little muffin

You know what, Friend? I know this Spring will be a wonderful blooming season. Not just for me, but for those around me too. After all, I have this amazing ability to influence and share my infectious energy with people, no? 

            Okay, let’s go grab a bite. I am starving and I feel like… Strawberry pancakes. Hey, don’t laugh. Strawberries are supreme! Maybe next year I should grow some on my balcony…? That’s something to think about. 

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