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Feeling star-struck

Feeling star-struck

               Ahh, we’ve all been there, right? Feeling star-struck by someone from the big screen. Or little one, or maybe a director? Way back I had a talk with my friends at work, why do we even watch movies. In general, to escape reality and to have fun; but also… Because we need some pleasure. Eye pleasures included. Today I decided to share with you my favorite, long lasting movie crushes from all over the cinematic galaxy. You have no idea what fun it was to create this list!

If you feel like listening though, check out Part IV of This Podcast Is Not What It Seems!

Side note: I really feel, like I need this goofy post here. Reality is dark enough. Plus there are some stuff going on; stick with me till the end and you will find out.

You got me star-struck, baby…

               What does it even mean? Because you know, I like using term “movie crush” but star-struck is more appropriate here. It means “to be fascinated or greatly impressed by famous people, especially those connected with cinema and theatre”. Textbook definition of this post, really! And proves one critical thing – that many people feel that way. So many, that they had to figure out a proper term, definition! Which is great, because it is yet another thing that connects movie-lovers across the world.

But movie crush is acceptable, right? Right! And of course, there is a definition for a crush as well; to have a crush on someone is “light-headed and slightly juvenile way to express strong affection for someone; it is mostly used to talk about young people’s feelings and does not normally describe adult emotions”. Well, duck. I mean, there as many definitions, right? We can agree to disagree here, but there is another one that I particularly like: “crush is a person who gives you butterflies and makes you heart beat faster”. Poetic, eh?

Now that I think about it, crush is more complicated case than being star-struck. You can compare having a crush to fire burning inside your heart. Star-struck is a little less… Dangerous. First of all, it’s platonic. I mean, what are the chances that Ewan McGregor knows that I exist? ?

You never forget your first!

               I have an idea on how to present my way too long list to you, lot. But let me start with the one and only – first movie crush EVER. I didn’t even have to think about it – it’s Matt Damon. And his damn blue eyes!!!! Say what you want, but he is a fine man. It all started with The Bourne Identify and after watching entire trilogy, I knew I was in trouble. I was invested in this feeling, that one summer few years ago, I did “Matt Damon Movie Challenge” and listed out all of his movies (when he played and directed). And I watched them all. Some were good, some were… Not. But I am super glad that I completed this challenge.

Speaking of challenges – you can still join 2020 movie challenge!

But yes, Matt Damon is my ultimate movie crush and first person that got me feel star-struck.

Unconspicuous star-struck

               Looks are not everything and I will always stand by this. Sure, there is no denying that they are not important, but! There is so much more to a person than just looks. And I don’t care how cliché that sounds; that is the truth. Period. So, when I prepared list of my crushes, I picked out three names that stand out from the crowd.

Christopher Nolan

Yes, yes, yes. His brain and intelligence are my type. And sure, I consider him handsome gentleman. But what I absolutely adore about him is the way he puts so much effort in everything he does. So yes, he is up high in this ranking.

You can read more about my feelings here.

Taikia Waititi

Sense of humor is yet another thing I love in men. Taika seems like a funny and smart guy and I would definitely want to talk with him more. Jojo Rabbit, What we do in the shadows or his work on the set of The Mandalorian prove, that he has both skill and talent. Plus, he will make a Star Wars movie.

Source: Pinterest
Hans Zimmer

Shocker, right? Zimmer speaks through music and this is one of the most beautiful forms of communication. His tunes and scores warm my heart to the core. There is nothing better. I got tickets for his show in Prague in 2021. Guess who will cry a lot? THIS GIRL!

Source: Twitter
David Lynch

Yup. His mind and all the creativity that flows inside… I like to think, that he put down all of the fences in his head and lets all the thoughts run free. His vision of reality is truly amazing.

Star-struck in a Galaxy far, far away

              Oh yeah, my dear friends – there will be a separate paragraph dedicated to Star Wars. Apart from the obvious reason, you have to admit, there is a lot to love in this franchise. Some casting choices were straight up brilliant!

Ewan McGregor AND Obi Wan Kenobi

Both, actually. But let me explain: Ewan for sure makes the list – and he has the high ground! My mum loves him and I’ve been a fan for a while now. First movie ever with him for me? Hooligans. He has a smile that could kill me, really. Now, about the Obi Wan thing – HELLO THERE is clear as a bell, but if you are into Clone Wars animated series, then no further explanation is required. That sass!!! Oh boy, I am sold. And… He is a tragic character and one of the greatest Jedi ever – he witnessed his master death, had the woman he loved killed by his old nemesis, he was betrayed by his friend/brother Anakin, all of his Jedi friends were killed and sacrificed his life for the Republic.

Source: Pinterest
Oscar Isaac

Ahh those eyes and that cheeky smile of his! Have to admit though, The Force Awakens was my first movie with him, but after that I dived more into his career. And I liked very much what I saw. He can play various characters and there will be always something about him…

Source: Pinterest
Pedro Pascal

Started with Narcos, now we are here… On set ofThe Mandalorian. And even though like just mentioned, my fascination started with a TV show, let’s agree to throw him into the Star Wars box. He IS the Mandalorian and I am so glad that he agreed to part of this universe. Oh boy. I am in trouble here.

Diego Luna

YET ANOTHER Latino from Star Wars, holly crap I have a type. But to be fair, I’ve had my eye on him ever since Dirty Dancing: Havana nights. Back then, it wasn’t full time crush, but it did escalate quickly with his role of Cassian Andor. Can’t wait for the TV series!!! Bonus? He plays a bad guy in Narcos: Mexico. Yes, sweet Diego plays a douche.

Source: Pinterest
Donald Glover

Anddd you know what, he could be also in the upcoming superhero box, but what the heck. He IS Lando Calrissian! And Earn from Atlanta, Troy from The Community, Deni from Guava Island, Childish Gambino from the stage, Simba from The Lion King, Aaron Davis from Spider-Man: Homecoming and maybe even the PROWLER because why not. He has everything – voice, creativity, talent, looks and wit that I love.

Gina Carano

Sweetest, softest badass in the Galaxy! Her smile can unfreeze hearts, but at the same time, she will put a good fight. I am super excited t see her more in The Mandalorian and hopefully, I will soon catch up with other projects.

Source: Pinterest
Carrie Fisher

No explanation needed, I guess. I looked up to her a lot growing up – wanted to be the fearless, brave princess. She was not holding back on the screen and outside – I remember watching one of interviews with her, when she said that people are afraid and stressed when she starts to speak, but she has short memory, so… ?

Caped star-struck

               This list would not be complete without superhero crushes. There are plenty good-looking people to chose from, and boy, so many of them have blue eyes!!! No wonder that Part IV of This Podcast Is Not What It Seems is 90 minutes long!

Christian Bale

One of the most dedicated actors out there in the industry – just look at his portfolio. But he stole my heart as Bruce Wayne – lost, confused and emotionally disturbed man. Said it a million times – The Dark Knight trilogy is not exactly a superhero movie, but still. He is a work of art; hell – he is art.

Tom Hardy

Another man, who is willing to go big for a role – his last movie Capone proves how good of an actor he is. I watched it and still feel really disturbed, frightened even. But I promise to write down all my feelings in review next week. As Bane he was mesmerizing. Plus, as Alfie in Peaky Blinders oh God. What a guy!

Source: Pinterest
Cillian Murphy

And even though my heart skipped a beat seeing him as Tommy Shelby, he did one hell of a job as Scarecrow in The Dark Knight trilogy. His blue, blue eyes are something I will never forget and get over. And his cheekbones. Sweet Jesus.

Source: Pinterest
Zach Levi

SAY THE WORD! Shazam was the first I heard of Zach, but turns out I fell in love with Chuck as well. He seems funny, especially playing adult superhero as a kid at heart, so… Matching my current state of mind. And he has the best smile – the kind that makes the entire face laugh, engaging every muscle.

Sebastian Stan

Probably my first Marvel crush – dark hair, blue eyes, disturbed personality – count me in! But other than the looks, I am a big, big fan of his acting. Saw him in few other productions and I was never disappointed. Plus, he is hilarious on his Instagram.

Source: Tumblr
Tom Holland

That cute, dorky kid! He is the reason I gave Spider Man another chance and so far, I don’t regret this decision. To my surprise, my first movie ever with him was The Impossible but I was young and in love with Matt Damon, so didn’t care about anyone else. I can’t wait for his upcoming projects!

Robert Downey Jr.

His on-screen charm is irresectable. I assume it is the same in real life. But also, his story is very inspiring – getting out of addiction is hard. But he is Iron Man. And there is that.

Source: Pinterest

Star-struck from the silver screen

              Ha, few of folks mentioned already could be in here, but that’s a technicality we don’t have the time for. And though I have seen lots of men in here in the movies, it’s their TV work that got me star-struck.

Richard Madden

His jawline should get some awards, as it already has the recognition. His role in Netflix series The Bodyguard was damn good! I think he also played in Game of Thrones but that’s not my jam. Rocketman and 1917­ – more eye-candy. Though he was a bit of a dick in the first one.

Charlie Hunnam

I know, I know – Hooligans, but he got me in Sons of Anarchy. This show broke my heart, I laughed and cried; it was one hell of a ride on an emotional roller coaster. He grew both as an actor and good looking man, but I will never forget his sweet smile. And that smile means trouble.

Source: Tumblr
Dylan O’Brien

Just recently starred in Amazing Stories from Apple, but I first came across him in Teen Wolf. He was the best in there! After that, I watched a lot of movies with him, including thrilling American Assassin and keeping on the edge The Maze Runner trilogy and let me just say – I am a fan. Of all.

Source: Pinterest
Andy Samberg

Not classically handsome dude, but he seems like the funniest guy on Earth. And sense of humor is a big magnet for chicks like me. He makes hilarious videos with his band. I would love to hang out with him, like at a beach bar?

Jesse Spencer

He was my crush back in the House M.D. but let’s be real – that Aussie needed some time to bloom. Now, he is a star of Chicago Fire and… And. There are many reasons why I watch this show, and yes – he is one of them.

Source: Pinterest
John Krasinski

Ahh, yes – Jim Halpert, sweet Jim form The Office and Jack Ryan from Amazon series – ladies, get a man who can do both!!! He has few good movies and a weapon of a wife – Emily Blunt. I can have them as a package.

Star-struck: Confused edition

              Okay – let me explain. There is just something that can’t be explained about certain people. Get it? 😀 Haha, sorry – I don’t feel so good today. But I am sure you understand and hopefully my crushes will give you more clarity.

Timothée Chalamet                        

HE’S A BABY! Sure, he is a young one. But… But. I see a great potential with him; just recently I watched Little Women and though that he is a great, young actor. He looks like a teenager but I think that he will grow into one of the best out there. And he has a chance to do so with upcoming Dune.

Source: Pinterest
Will Smith

Though he plays badass in Bad Boys or Suicide Squad, I for one love him from the dramas – touching, heart warming movies, like Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds (ending BROKE ME, I am still so mad!) or Collateral Beauty. I think he absolutely kills it! But overall, he is a great actor and seems like a good man.

Source: IMDb
Nicolas Cage

This list would not be complete, would not be worthy and good, without this fine gentleman. And though he is not this classical Hollywood star-boy. He is a “curious” type of beauty – and I think a lot of girl would agree with me here. He has so many great movies; some bad as well but… I named my cat after him <3 That’s something!

Source: Pinterest
Daniel Radcliffe

As a young girl, I was in love with Harry Potter. Harry, not Daniel. I don’t know – the books were so… Out of this world for me, I was in absolute awe! And then the movies became hit and I fell into the well so deep! Anyway – I grew up, or no, actually – I just aged. And I think that Daniel is definitely confusing me.

Jeff Goldblum

Preferably from Jurassic Park but I would have a coffee with him at any point of time. It is not actually that confusing – surprising more, but you know. It all works in mysterious ways! I do enjoy watching him.

The heart wants what it wants

               Whew. This was so much work, I mean! Look at this list – so long, so many faces here! But you know what? I am really glad I put it out there. And let me say this – I am proud of it. This is a part of human nature, to enjoy what we see. And beyond the looks, I do appreciate the work and talent all of them are putting into their on-screen jobs.

Frankly though – above everything else, I needed to write something light. Stressful weeks are coming, but this one was pretty damn good. Tons of work, for sure. But in general, I enjoyed it a lot. For the first time in ages I felt like I am happy doing things – going for a 6 am run, working out, talking with people at work, recording podcasts… And yes, lock down is driving me crazy and I miss my folks a lot. I miss going to the movies!!! But I met my friend on Tuesday and it felt great.

Also, I decided to write that damn book! My dream since high school, never told anyone about it. But I think that it is time to make it happen, you know? I write a lot of stories lately but I never got them in order. I want to try with Star Wars and who knows, maybe it will work? There was a reason why I kept it a secret – once upon a time I showed my stories to someone and it turned out to be a huge mistake. It was college and I was only just beginning, so the indifference hurt as hell. Strangely enough – recent events triggered déjà vu… Anyway. You will hear about it once it’s done.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

6 thoughts on “Feeling star-struck

  1. Now this is one solid list! I like the way you categorised this – it makes perfect sense. Also, I find it awe-inspiring that you look behind the visible layer of a specific person and try to dig some more into him or her. Because good looks is one thing but I always believed it is not all there is.
    I totally agree that it is good to have stimulating „surroundings” – both for your eyes and your brain and soul. So the „crushes” don’t always have to be those handsome guys – you can be inspired by someone’s work and so much gripped by it that you just feel connected to a person. I feel like this with Tim Burton – it’s a bit similar to your „relationship” with Christopher Nolan, with the difference of me not finding Burton attractive at all. But his creativity, his outlook on life, his aesthetics – absolutely my vibe. I don’t know if you saw 'Big Fish’ but it has Ewan McGregor in it – you may like it.

    Your book is very good news. I already mentioned more than once that I consider you a very talented writer so it will definitely be a nice piece. Good luck with it!

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