Good films make your life better!

Good films make your life better!

             This is the ultimate truth, good films can make your life so much better! But jeez, where are my manners? Hello in 2020! Hello in brand new decade! I wish you all the best, from the bottom of my heart! I hope that you all will find the droid you’re looking for. And remember:

films life

             Do you remember what I told you, when I posted TOP 10 TV Shows? That I don’t watch movies at home often. Well, one of my New Year’s Resolution is to start watching more! And to be perfectly clear –  I don’t mean to keep re-watching movies that I love. Well, there is nothing wrong with that of course, but I want to widen my cinematic horizon.

             And that is why I prepared something that will be a fun activity for you my fellow Readers, and a huge motivation for me! Let me present you with…


             This is gonna be a blast, I promise! Click on the link above to access Excel sheet for 2020. Take a look and please don’t laugh – Excel is the devil’s work and I need help from my demons to crack it. Here are the rules:

1. Rules are simple – you watch one movie a week. But not just any movie!
2. Each month tab is a separate, dedicated category. I am leaving a liberty of choice when it comes to the movies to you. Surprise me!
3. There is an additional task for volunteers – watch at least two movie premieres a month (it can be in the cinema, it can be Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney+, etc.)
5. Write down the title of the movie and write „5-word review” of it. 
6. Rate each component – Plot, Acting, Cinematography, Directing and Music on scale from 1 to 5. Excel will do the rest and pull out average final score 🙂
7. Have fun!

             So, what do you think? Wicked idea, right?! (Thank you Marta for all the help. Love you 3000!) Think about this as an alternative to all kinds of New Year’s Resolution. Treat yourself! Make a tea or coffee, grab a beer or glass of wine, make popcorn or eat a carrot and watch some great movies. Tell me what you liked and what wasn’t so good.

By the end of each month, I will ask you to share your files with me so I can do some analysis. Let me put those BI skills for good use! 😉

             I hope that you will join me in this quest. May the Force will be you, always and… Keep in mind what Audrey Hepburn once said: Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.

films life
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9 thoughts on “Good films make your life better!

  1. Guess who is the top student and already did their movie part for the first week of January?
    Well, me, obviously! 😀

    One thing I’d like to add: you can use/follow the hashtag TwinPeaksCafeMovieChallenge on IG!

    NEVER underestimate a droid!
    May the (cinema) force be with you!

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