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We have you four to one. I like those odds!

We have you four to one. I like those odds!

            We have you four to one. I like those odds! Disney’s newest TV series started off with a high note. Have I ever told you how my story with Star Wars started? No? Haha, it’s a good one. Not very long, but you’ll like it. I just made some tea, do you want a cup?

           As a kid, I remember that my dad used to watch a lot of movies on TV. After long day at work and after coming home to two kids that missed him like crazy, he liked a quiet evening with a movie. And I loved watching them with him. When I was a bit older, of course. And that one time, when he turned the TV on, after going through various channels, he stopped at Star Wars. It was Return of the Jedi. I can see that, clear as day. It’s part 3, but really 6 and I guess it was my mum who questioned the logic behind this.

But for my dad it really didn’t matter – he’s a man of simple taste, and though I am sure he watched previous movies, he didn’t care that in that moment it was the last piece of the saga (I should mention that my mum loves order – both in life and in movies, so you can imagine that watching a movie out of context is a special kind of torture for her). At first, I didn’t understand this movie, it was way too complicated and weird for me. I can’t really remember how old I was, but still – dad was watching and I wanted to watch it with him. I don’t know why I kept telling myself that he LOVES Star Wars.

           And I decided to dig into this. Like, full time. I watched all movies in various orders – randomly, release dates, chronological order…You name it. And once they resurrected the saga idea, it was a perfect opportunity to arrange father-daughter quality times. So, every time new movie premiered, he’d pick me up from school, university, and we would go see it together. With dubbing, because I love my parents that much. I remember to this day, when we watched Rogue One. I remember a moment when I leaned forward in my chair, holding back tears.
And he, knowing how emotional kid I am, he just gently patted my back. No laughing, no mocking – he just supported me.

My person!

Few years after, The Last Jedi was on. I asked him if he wants to join me, before I go to Germany for Christmas. And he was busy preparing Christmas at home, so I went alone. When I came back from the screening, I told him that once I’m back from Germany, we could go together again, and he looked at me and said… You know, it’s okay. I don’t like Star Wars this much, to see them in cinema. We can watch it when it’s on the TV.

And just like that, I started laughing. My entire love for Star Wars developed under impression, that my dad is a big fan. As it turned out, he only went to see the movie with me, because he thought that I am this big fan. But hey, I’m not mad.
In fact, I can proudly say that my dad made me a fan!!

„The travails of lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from authority of the New Republic.” – this is the official preview of the Mandalorian – new Disney+ flagship.

Source, Copyright: Disney+

            You know, I am a sucker for Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong – I am not a die-hard fan and I don’t know everything there is to know about this universe. I wish I did, this is why I got myself a Star Wars encyclopedia.
It will look dope, next to DC Comics Encyclopedia and Marvel Encyclopedia.

Yes, I am a full-time nerd. You should know that by now! I love to dig deep into something. Especially something so nice as Star Wars. So, few years back I got myself tons of books – canon stories, some strays, some completely out of I don’t even know where. But you know what? I love it, I really love that there are so many to choose from.
It means that people really LOVE Star Wars! They are enthusiast, just like I am.

And sure, „old movies” are the best. But I enjoyed middle trilogy, and I enjoyed the new one. I absolutely loved the stories – Rogue One and Solo. Every time I’m sick, I watch animated Clone Wars. And it’s not guilty pleasure of sorts. Fully aware, with all honesty I can say that I love every bit of Star Wars universe.

Yes, this is me showing you all SW books that I own. Nerd!

            But people, fans, critics – everyone have expectations. And of course, I can’t blame them. We all want different things, and for example, I want from Star Wars to keep me engaged. I want to be fully in, in the story.
I want to live through ups and downs. I want to enjoy the wins and mourn the losses. And so far, every movie and series kept my interest level high. However, I was a little bit afraid of the Mandalorian. I can’t explain why, I just felt anxious. Sure, I was excited, especially when I heard that Pedro Pascal was cast as main lead. But still, I was a little afraid.

Turns out, that the Mandalorian is simply great – and yes, I can say that after watching two episodes. Only two. Great.

Stay of the ice… That’s the understatement of the Millennium!

            I read somewhere that the only thing that’s missing in this show is humor. Come again? I laughed way to hard at some scenes!! Heck, I smiled a lot too! You know the kind of smile I’m talking about – like you and the main character know what’s up, like you have that secret way of communicating, you understand each other;
it was a smile of understanding, smile of „heck yes, you go show them!”

What I love about „new era” of Star Wars is the way they show things. That subtle hint of classic – like with those „typical Star Wars” transitions between scenes. You just know it’s a Star Wars movie, even my mum knew that when she walked into my room with tea (guess who’s sick): she glanced at the TV and said „Oh, Star Wars again? Which part? 3 and half?” XD (She doesn’t like SW universe; she a big-time die-hard Marvel fan). But the point is, keeping those transitions „alive” is sweet and cool.

The colors. Locations. Perspective, when the Mandalorian simply walks up the hill. I mean… And those drawings, art works at the end credits? Beautiful. It’s a pleasure for the eyes, you know what I mean? Recently I pay more attention the surroundings in the movies, TV shows, and the Mandalorian left me in awe.

Source Copyright: Disney+

Music. To write my thoughts down I played The Mandalorian Theme and… Wow!!!! I absolutely love it. The tribe-ish sounds, combined with ethnic flute, western-like atmosphere, with hints of John Williams school of SW soundtrack, beautifully emphasizes the nature of Pascal’s Mandalorian – space ranger, loner bounty hunter.
And once again, YouTube comment section never lies: This soundtrack is the best. I have spoken. (I see what you did there, my friend. Kudos for the inside joke!); You know you’re a good composer when your name is Ludwig; spaghetti western + star wars = the Mandalorian.

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession…

            Let’s focus on the hero of this story – Dyn Jarren, the Mandalorian. Like I said, I was really excited to see (haha, joke is on me) Pedro Pascal picking up the light saber. Okay, before you eat me alive, please keep in mind that light saber is a figure of speech here, okay? Okay. Please don’t bite me. For purpose of this text, let’s assume that light saber is Star Wars legacy, passed from one generation to another.

Back to Pedro Pascal and his Mandalorian. I love a man with mystery, and Dyn seems to be full of them. Of course, mask and cape only make much more interested. Form the very start you know; you have that feeling that it won’t be „another Star Wars show” and that Pascal’ s Mandalorian won’t be like any other of his kin. There is a deeper, darker story, full of pain and disappointment. He’s methodical, pragmatical and effective but not in
a cocky way. He’s just as human as we all. In the same time, there is something about him, that makes me want to take of that helmet and look into his eyes. Would I see pain? Would I see a broken man? Eyes are mirror of the soul.

Source Copyright: Disney+

Mandalorians. What do we know about them? Well, for sure what makes them stand out is their armor. And I’m no expert, but our Mandalorian has a dope armor. I can dig that look. Other than that, they are well known warriors, often work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. As far as I know from what I read, in the Clone Wars TV series (still didn’t watch all the episodes), they were reintroduced as pacifists, who wanted to distance themselves from Mandalore’s warrior traditions. I don’t want to dive into Boba Fett story here – I have a plan for a Star War series, so let’s look at one thing at a time.

Dyn’s magnetic, almost robotic precision is admirable. Why almost? Well, he’s no droid. In fact, there is a slight reluctance for droids here, I wonder why? He’s human, flesh and bones. Threat of dying is very real, but there is something cheeky about his way of handling things. Like he’s challenging everything and everyone, pushing to the limits to see how far can he go. I like that. And I can’t wait to see where is all this coming from. I hope we will see more flashbacks.

            I watched episode, Chapter Two today, and yes, I melted. I want to keep this text spoiler free for all those who haven’t seen it yet. All I can say is that I love Star Wars for giving me opportunity to go „Awwww” from time to time. Keep that up, people!

The fact that few days ago, Jon Favreau (writer and creator of the show) sent his regards from set of season 2 says a lot. The Mandalorian is a tasty treat for all Star Wars fans, for all sceptics and „commoners” like my mum
(yes, I will make her watch it because I am sure she will love it). Overall, I am completely amazed and I want more. Those two episodes were great.

What do you think? Will it be a success? Shoot, I just remembered that I should add one more rule to the Playbook! Okay, here it goes:

HOUSE RULE NO. 6 – We love Star Wars in this household.

May the Force be with you!

13 thoughts on “We have you four to one. I like those odds!

  1. Seems like Star Wars are based on funny stories for both of us. In my case, it is also related to my dad but that’s where the similarities end.
    When the movies were in full swing, I could not understand the hype going around them. Grown-up men running around with lightsabers when it was clearly something for children, etc. One day, my dad and I wanted to do something with time that we were supposed to spend waiting for my mum who went to hairdresser, so we decided to go to the cinema. It was deep in winter, back in the days when winters were very cold and snowy. Not having too much choice, we went with Star Wars, episode II or III, I am not sure now. Long story short: it was very warm in the cinema, we had no background whatsoever when it comes to SW so we were not invested in the story – we fell asleep. I woke up confused right before end credits.
    Even though I was not so into SW, as I was growing up, I always admired the cultural impact they had. People talking like Yoda (heck, even I used „much to learn you still have my young padawan” on a daily basis! Yup, I know it should be old not young but it was an adjustment to the situation).
    So, when I met you and saw your excitement about SW, I thought that maybe I’ll give them another chance. Turns out, I find it super interesting now – I blame MCU for it, as they opened my mind on superheroes, comics, etc. So, I am definitely going to watch The Mandalorian, especially after reading your initial review which makes it seem very exciting and engaging.

    Good job, my friend! Once again you prove that you’re a master of words.

    1. Awww!!! What a cute story! 🙂 <3
      Also another awww for you to considering my love for this series!!!! I'm glad you are enjoying this! You will love the Mandalorian.

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