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A place with damn fine coffee and long stories



            Before I introduce you to TWIN PEAKS CAFÉ playbook, you should know that I am not a big fan of making rules, but this is different. It’s for you to understand what kind of place I am running here. And it’s always good to know what we are dealing with!

For starters, let me explain where did the name come from. Obviously, the TV show got lots to do with it, but I had a dream one night, that I was working in a cafe in USA. Not sure why there. Anyway, the cafe was beautiful. It was not one of that vast places you go into for your morning coffee before work. But it wasn’t tiny too, it was just accurate. I worked there with three friends. This place was our escape – an exit from previous lives.


            I remember I had opening shift. We had these big, glass door, constantly open in spring and summer. And there was flowerpot with blue asters in it, to hold them open. Everything inside – tables, chairs, counter, shelves, bathroom doors – was wooden. And the second you walked in, you could smell freshly grounded coffee. I don’t know about you, but for me this smell is ultimate pick-me-up. And pie! We had amazing blueberry pie.
I remember, that all mugs and cups were different – each time we bought
a set to have proper, professional match; it got broken or chipped.
So, it looked like we brought stuff from our homes. And that was one of the reasons people came back – it was home away from home. ..

So, one day after an office party, I was thinking long and hard (that’s what she said!) about starting this blog. I texted my friend (who, by the way is the author of breathtaking photos you can see here, Marta I LOVE YOU 3000+), told her that I kind of have a name. It was so obvious and simple!  You can laugh now, but I feel proud of Twin Peaks Café.

            But wait, dream is one thing,  the TV show is another. Well that’s easy –
it’s one of the greatest, most ducked up TV series I have ever watched in my entire life. I love it, I come back to it quite often and each time I notice something else. I tired to explain the plot to someone and I said „It’s a long story…” – and that’s the best summary of the show: multiple story lines cross with each other to create chaos and confusion. Long story. And I am full of long stories too!

Tough decision number one, choosing the name – done!

            Now the playbook. I like that name, don’t you? Instead of manual, set
of rules, terms and conditions… Playbook. Once again, I will use questions from the love experiment (you can read about them here!). This way only to show you how I want this place to look like.

HOUSE RULE NO. 1 – Twin Peaks Café is an insight to my head, heart and soul. It’s subjective, emotional and personal. And I want you to feel whatever you want about this. You can be whoever you want here.
I’ll still get that coffee for you and let you sit by the window.

26. Complete this sentence: „I wish I had someone with whom I could share _______”

            Good things. Bad things. Cool memories. Pictures of food that I had. Movie reviews. TV shows recommendations. Music experiences. Importance of mental health. 1001 movies you must watch. Overthinking. Eternal love for the Office (US).

And million other things that will cross my mind – all of which will be a long story.

HOUSE RULE NO. 2 – Here, at Twin Peaks you don’t have to be ashamed. You are your own perfect. I want you to know that I am as flawed as the rest of the world. I’m weird. Like the TV show.

27. If you were going to become a close friend with your partner, please share what would be important for him or her to know.

I am a textbook ambivert. There are days that I thrive, when I am around my people, good people. They fuel me. Those days are full of laughter, happiness, they are completely carefree. And on the other hand, there are days that I would rather be alone. With my thoughts, overthinking absolutely everything. I’m quiet, lost, doubtful, numb.

I do realize that this other side is much more dangerous. It’s fragile. But it’s just as beautiful as the extravert side. Let’s celebrate that.

You will notice all that in my writing. That I can promise.

HOUSE RULE NO 3. – Show me, tell me, write me how and what you feel. Let’s communicate through emotions. How did that movie make you feel? This song you mentioned – what did the lyrics mean to you? Cry if you want to. It’s good for your body. And your head.

30. When did you last cry in front of another person? By yourself?

            I am an ugly crier, trust me. I am also easily moved by… Movies, music, books, people, stories. A friend once told me that I am a “pop-cultural sponge” (from obvious reasons I guess), but I really like idea of “sponge”.
I absorb the world as it is, like a child – with all of the colors at full brightness. So yes, I cry easily on movies. I cry at gigs, when it finally hits me that I made another dream come true.

Last time I cried in front of others was just few minutes ago – it’s my birthday today and I have the best friends in the entire world. My desk at work is full of colors, balloons, SUNFLOWERS, gifts… And they even got me a cake and candles! 9:00 am and I already cried. But that’s the good kind of crying – if you now what I mean.

            By myself? Also today, when I thought about my cat. It’s my first birthday without him in 12 years. I never missed anyone like that. Still can’t get over that. And I am way passed the point of hiding that – why would I? I love him, he shaped me and made me a tiny bit better. And I know that he still is with me, deep in my heart, and he is in every scar his sharp teeth left on my bod. He is with me in his favorite, ugly as duck yellow chicken plushie from Easter edition of Pepsi.

HOUSE RULE NO. 4 – You never know. You just don’t.
Here at Twin Peaks Café, I don’t want you to regret anything. Buy that ticket and go to that concert. You like that girl? Tell her. Oh, you don’t know how? It’s okay, maybe we will figure it out together. I am here to help. And every once in a while, I might need your help. Comfort zones, we are coming for you!

33. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t you told them yet?

            Let me be clear – I am still learning how to speak. Saying out loud that maybe… I actually really like this one guy is hard. Standing up to say that
I had a rough day at the office to my boss… Admitting that I need help processing something – a lot of people still struggle to reach out for help.

You see, we live in strange world. Suddenly you have to be strong and always ready. For what? I don’t know, but just be ready, alerted. Honestly, does that make you feel comfortable? I’m not a hypocrite – this rule is as much for you, as it is for me. There are plenty of things that I haven’t told people. Why? Because I am afraid, because it’s stupid. Because it makes no sense.

Bull. Shit.

And finally… HOUSE RULE NO. 5 – The owls are not what they seem.

Happy birthday to me! I used to hate that day – but that’s a story for another time. Right now? I am the happiest 26-years-old girl in the world.

Birthday cake from my friends!

11 thoughts on “TWIN PEAKS CAFÉ playbook

  1. Many happy returns Julia.
    never be afraid to say what you really mean, I have been on this wonderful planet of ours for a long while and that piece of information is one I wish someone had given me a long time ago. I have been fortunate enough to have been with my wife for over 35 years now and I owe that to opening up my emotional side and allowing my vulnerabilities to be exposed. It certainly makes it easier to understand each other. Emotions are there for a reason that is why even a gruff old Glaswegian can cry at a movie (yes, even when i’m in company) or feel sad or elated when hearing a certain piece of music. I love music, my life would be nothing without it. Each song can re-ignite precious memories within your head.
    You have many years ahead of you, you’ve already taken the step to start this blog, don’t let anything hold you back, you want to say something- just ask, it is better to receive a negative response than to not know what the answer would have been, at least it lets you move on.
    I’ll stop rambling on now, enjoy the rest of your birthday.

    1. Thank you, Gavin!!!! I’m not gonna lie – I read your messages with tears slowly coming to my eyes, so thank you for that. Don’t hold back with „rambling” – I love it! 🙂
      Thank you for being here and lifting my spirits.

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