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Reason (s) why SW are pop-cultural love of my life

Reason (s) why SW are pop-cultural love of my life

               Reason (s) why? Wow, like I need to list them anyway. No, but seriously Lot – you’ve probably noticed that I talk about Star Wars a lot. This is not a shocker, though if you go through TPC entries, there are only 4 about it. There is so much stuff I want to write about, though! On Friday, I watched final episode of The Mandalorian season 2. I was lightheaded but the idea to list (almost) all reasons why I love Star Wars just popped into my head.

For reading pleasures, please put this playlist on – dude who made it is a genius and I’m open to marriage like RIGHT NOW. It includes soundtrack from last chapters of Mando. AND it’s in chronological order.

You can also go back to my SW posts here:

Final note – there is no logic or chronology whatsoever to my reasons why. This is not a complete list – it’s hard for me to write down all my feelings about SW in one sitting. Part two and possibly even three will follow.

REASON #1 – Hello there!

               Come on. Were you worried, that I could skip this one? NEVER IN HELL. I know some people don’t consider this as quote. Technically though… It is absolutely iconic. I say my “good mornings” this way and I don’t think that I will ever stop. And it’s not just because of Ewan McGregor, no. The entire scene is the essence of Kenobi’s cheekiness. Also, let me just say that if you don’t reply with General Kenobi, you can’t blame me for the bad luck… It’s true, seriously.

Let’s face it – this makes you smile, doesn’t it?



Bonus content with Ewan McGregor embodying all of us at some point in life.

REASON #2 – The Role models (to be continued)

               Growing up, I always wanted to be like Leia – a warrior princess that is not afraid to step up. But mostly, as a young girl I just wanted to be a princess. Now I know that Leia was so much more than that. And I don’t mean the general. She was a rebel, fighting against the system. Princess Leia Organa was born to lead, but how did she achieve that? By defining her goals, taking first steps, forging her own path, building a community. All that, so she could lead her men with confidence. When in doubt, just ask yourself: What would Leia do?

Source: Pinterest

Yoda. Yes – the sweet yet cheeky master of mindful thinking in a galaxy far, far away. His wisdom helped not only Jedi Knights, but also Masters. These days I look up to Yoda, because of stress and over-time. He was always focused on seeking mindfulness and overcoming obstacles. Looking for mindful moments and awakening one’s potential. And that was a short path towards unleashing one’s mastery. It’s hard to be calm and mindful these days and under Covid circumstances, but… Practice makes perfect (Also, he was so freaking patient. OH MY GOD!).

Ahsoka Tano. Yes – but also no, for those who only know her from one episode of The Mandalorian. I met Sinps back in Clone Wars, when she was a padawan under Anakin’s wings. As a young one, she was impulsive, brash, and determined to forge their own path. But at the same time – open and willing to learn. Most importantly – willing to any advice offered by wiser Masters.

Source: starwars.com

               One of the most tragic characters in the franchise. Sad, yet noble end proved that there was a choice over programming. Rogue One is actually one of the reasons, you know? I remember the first time I saw this film on big screen. It was with my dad, like a quality date with my favorite person. He picked me up from the Academy and we drove to the cinema, COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to how tragic the story is. Back then, I started my ritual of not watching trailers and teasers AND not reading anything about projects I’m excited about. So yes – I had no idea what this film was about or where it was placed on the timeline.

Source: Pinterest

My dad stepped up big time – he figured, after K2SO death, that I am not going to take it well. I actually think that he figured the timing of Rogue One faster, so he knew exactly when and how often to pat my back.

               With K2SO the thing is, that you liked him from the very first second – sarcastic but loyal droid, faithful protector and biggest fan of Cassian Andor. And odds. The witty comebacks were hilarious. K2SO’s last word was “goodbye” which… Was tragic. Human…


REASON #4 – “Sooner than we’d like, I’ll be luminous”

               If you lot are interested, there are Star Wars comic books and this line comes from “Marvel’s Star Wars: Poe Dameron”, issue 14. Haunting words from Leia to Poe – also known as the first leadership lesson he got from our beloved Princess-then-General. And we know Poe – flirty flyboy of the Resistance. This particular issue is quite… Hmm, how to put it? Monumental and groundbreaking, especially for Poe. He and his mates from the squadron must deal with loss of a father-figure and a mentor, veteran pilot L’ulo L’ampar.

What really hit me though, while reading this issue was that when Leia spoke those words… The comic book artist made a close up of her face. And it was no Leia talking, it was Carrie.

Iris??Alazmec Appreciation ?? on Twitter: "This came out in 2016. Yet  this comic had a funeral at the start and afterwards these Leia panels hit  hard. ? Poe Dameron Comic #14… https://t.co/c58hJz2G7g"
Source: Twitter

Absolutely heart-breaking.

REASON #5 – Stardust

               Not the Bowie one – though the word itself brings a smile to my face. But it the Star Wars universe it meant that Jyn Erso got and understood the message. You lot know how CA: TWS is the most groundbreaking / important Marvel film? Same goes for Rogue One.

But with “Stardust” I want to talk about father-daughter relationship. For me, Star Wars always and forever will be connected to my dad. Even though I fell in love with them due to (kind of) wrong reason, I could not be happier – after all, this is my biggest pop-cultural love. And even though, most of Star Wars father-kid relationships are tragic, I like them all.

Source: Pinterest

Your father would be proud, Jyn Erso (that scene, the chemistry of Jyn and Cassian, the tragic last moment… Full on sobbing).

REASON #6 – This is the way

               The Mandalorian might be the best thing that happened to the SW world since Rogue One – in the words of objective fan. Story of space cowboy that goes into full space dad mode? I was in from the very first second. Even earlier, when Disney announced that Pedro Pascal will be Mando. And heck yes, I am not going to hide my love for Latinos in SW, duck no. But this will be another reason, okay? ?

I watched 2 seasons and I have no idea how to deal with year break. Okay, well – I can re-watch it every single day and know it by heart for December 2021.


This show is perfect in many ways, with just two flaws – one major (length of the episodes) and one tiny (too many side quests, but you know what? Fine, I’m good with them). Other than that? I’m sorry but this is the best show of the decade.

I have spoken.

               Seriously though – I will write a full review of Mando sometime soon, but for now I can say that I love it with all my heart.

REASON #7 – The Duchess

               Now, this might sound odd – given my love for Obi-Wan – but I really liked Satine Kryze. Look, we all know that romance in Star Wars never ends well, but this one… This one really broke my heart. See, Obi-Wan was almost perfect. His vulnerability was the love for Satine, but that is exactly why I adore him.

This is exactly how it went.
Source: Pinterest

They met for the first time when Obi-Wan was padawan to Qui-Gon Jin. Kenobi was tasked to protect Staine and during that year they grew closer – kind of like “comfort companions”. And heck, correct me if I’m wrong but all of us who watched Clone Wars – we rooted for this one. Obi-Wan was ready to leave Jedi Order behind and all Satine had to do was ask. Isn’t it the kind of love, that melts hearts?

This tragic love tale added layers to Obi-Wan’s character – that might’ve seemed a little too perfect. After all, he defied orders and snuck off to save her. He did it just for him, it wasn’t for the Order or the Republic. This kind of selfishness does not describe a Jedi Master, no?

But is sure as hell describes a devoted lover.

REASON #8 – The Millennium Falcon

               Yup. That’s the reason. THIS FREAKING SHIP!!!! It was my first (and so far last) Star Wars LEGO, hella expensive but my parents love that 5 year old me. Best Christmas gift ever. I got my version from Kessel run and hell, there is little Lando and Chewie and I could not be happier.

Hello there!

It’s probably the most iconic ship from SW and it is one of my tattoos. Falcon is something. And oh boy, am I buying that big-ass LEGO version? Yes, I am. One day.

REASON #9 – Soundtrack

               You know how much I love Zimmer, but Star Wars scores are wonderful. Sure, the biggest credit always goes to king John Williams. Let me tell you a little secret: every single time that “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” rolls in and then SW theme, I have tears in my eyes. Every. Damn. Time. This tune carries such powerful emotional charge, it’s hard for me to conceal my feelings.

Are these my most valuable tapes? YES.

But there are other composers involved – Kevin Kiner (Clone Wars), Ludwig Göransson (Mando), John Powell (Solo) or Michael Giacchino (Rogue One).

There are so many tunes worth mentioning, like The Imperial March, Across the Star or Duel of Fates. Most recently for me: Rey’s theme and A thousand tears.

REASON #10 – I know

               Leia and Han were complicated – both very strong and stubborn, but absolutely head over heels for each other. The (un)friendly banter turned into space love affair. Hey, actually did you know that “I love you / I know” were not originally in the script? The initial lines were:

Leia: I love you. I couldn’t tell you before, but it’s true.
Han: Just remember that, because I’ll be back

This is actually a great behind-the-scenes story, but I want to leave you hanging with it for just a while. Sorry, but I must fit into Skywalker drama, okay?

               Nevertheless, I hope that one day someone will respond to my “I love you” in a right damn way. So far, my mum fails miserably.


               Okay, I have decided to make this a series, so I will finish each list of reasons with one gem. Fan’s gem, because even though more than often, Star Wars fanbase is divided, their artistic work is out of this world. So, today I am presenting you this scene. No comment on it. Just watch it till the end, that’s all I ask.

I don’t want to give you timeline on next list, but hey – since December is as strong with the Force as May, you never know… May the Force be with you all, young Padawans.

Carnival party 2020

9 thoughts on “Reason (s) why SW are pop-cultural love of my life

  1. This is too precious! I love it so much! (: I am just wondering if you can close the reasons in three parts because I think there are so many you will just realise while creating this series :3
    To me you’ll always be no. 1 SW fan – after all because of you I watched the movies and realised that I actually really like them! This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your passion for SW.

    Sidenote: now I see how my drawings/paintings changed since that Mando paiting I did for you – I kinda messed up the proportions on this one so I may redo it for you one day ^_^

  2. Love it! Best reading for Sunday morning. One thing Snips – first Mando, now you – we don’t want to wait for next part so long!
    Happy to see Ahsoka in part 1 🙂 Aaaand for my own good not starting discussion around Obi Wan 🙂

    Remember part 2 asap!

  3. Hah. Cannot agree more with what cupcakethief wrote -> you’re no. 1 SW fan 🙂
    It’s as if you don’t fit in here on Earth with all your energy and love for SW and these space adventures.
    I more like see you inside that millenium falcon next to Chewie and your own crew (curious how you would recruit them – maybe a short SW story by you someday?) doing the 'spice running’ jobs ? (or something else) in the galaxy far far away.

    Today I am going to start watching season 2 of mandalorian ?

  4. OKAY I LOVE THIS NEW SERIES SO MUCH 😀 As if I need your reasons, but hey – if you are willing to list them for us, then fine.

    We all know that you are UBER SW FAN, so…. 😀

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