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Obi-Wan, the Galaxy’s savior?

Obi-Wan, the Galaxy’s savior?

            The Obi-Wan series was supposed to be a “limited” one – meaning one season would do it. But given its insane success, Kathleen Kennedy, the current Lucasfilm CEO said “everything for the fans”. Well, here we all are. Ready for season two! 

This post will contain major spoilers so please, be careful. 

I’ve heard the Jedi are all but extinct.

            Two-part season premier was a big deal to every Star Wars fan out there. We’ve been waiting for so long to see what happened to Obi-Wan (now Ben, but we see you, Space Jesus) during those years. That period between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope was a mystery and something simply out there. Waiting for someone to tell the tale.

Few months back I gave you a brief background on Kenobi and some details about his past. He was not ideal, that’s for sure – and in the series we could see and feel the weight of that guilt. I looked up the first reviews online, and they were mixed. Why is Obi-Wan so slow? Obi-Wan! One of the greatest Jedi Masters in the Galaxy! What is wrong with him?

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Now Lot, you remember that he left Mustafar believing that his brother, his friend, died for the Empire. Anakin, his young Padawan, the Chosen One. For those who watched Clone Wars (LINK), Obi-Wan Kenobi was even more tragic. And I had tears in my eyes in almost every episode.

“You don’t need manners when you are talking to a lower-life form.”
“Then I guess I don’t need manners when I’m talking to you.”

            But before I talk about the feelings, let’s talk about the facts. Like the first and basic one: WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT’S GONNA BE ABOUT PRINCESS LEIA?! This was the best kept secret in the Star Wars universe, I swear on the Maker. Not the BD-1 droid in TBOBF, not Luke in The Mandalorian. Promotional materials did not indicate that kind of plot twist. 

Let’s face it – we all expected some kind of cloak and dagger around young Luke and his family. Maybe troubles on Tatooine and Obi-Wan saving the day? This would be a safe option, something a lot of people would be okay with. 

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But, like my friend Tom likes to say: “You know, it’s Filoni and Favreau. They cannot go wrong!” – and I couldn’t agree more. Speaking of Tom – we don’t work together on a regular basis anymore, but that does not mean that we don’t talk. There is ALWAYS time to talk about Star Wars

“Only when the eyes are closed can you truly see.”
“See what?”
“The Way.”

            My hopes were high and maybe that is why I had mixed feelings about two first episodes. Sure, we got an unexpected plot twist with young Leia, but the story around it was not perfect – that infamous chase in the woods? Come one. But everyone who accused this show of lazy writing at that point of time? Well, I like to wait for my verdict till the last episode. 

But young princess Leia was simply delightful – smart, cheeky, brave and she behaved with both childhood wit and princess-like dignity. I am sure Carrie Fisher would be so damn proud of Vivien Lyra Blair. And gosh, I hope she will not face the waves of hate and criticism after this show. 

            That’s how people reacted to Hayden Christensen at first and now? Suddenly everyone is in love with him. I believe that given the script, he gave it all he could. He was and still is my Anakin, though the Clone Wars gives a bigger picture and a better context to his complex character. I am truly happy to see people coming around, but we must not forget the harm they’ve done. 

Stay hidden. Live a normal life.

            Every fanbase can be toxic, but I believe that Star Wars has the biggest level of toxicity. The venom is outpouring and it’s… Disgusting. And much like Ewan McGregor, I DO NOT see you as a SW fan. 

Because would a true fan write racists messages to Moses Ingram, who played the Third Sister? And okay, I agree that the “why” about her character was revealed too late (for the sake of the plot, of course), but other than that – she did an AMAZING job. We all hated her to the core, and by “her” I mean Third Sister. 

But it only means one thing – Ingram gave the character everything and people still felt it wasn’t enough. I don’t even want to think about it, but for damn sure I cannot be indifferent. It happened to Christensen, it happened to Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran (they both deleted her social media accounts due to the hate). 

            Why can’t we just appreciate that we live in such a great moment, having all these stories out there? Done with such amazing technology, seeing these tales for the first time. Written and directed by fans (Filoni) for fans! All these small hiccups should be forgiven. Hate must stop, because it’s one of the things that could destroy life. And that’s not what Obi-Wan taught us!

If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy. Don’t make me kill you.

            The funniest thing though is people criticizing Christensen as Darth Vader, saying that he didn’t fight that well back on Mustafar. Well… Newsflash – he nearly burnt alive, remember? Darth Vader is basically a robot now, so his moves are precise, machine-like. As they were supposed to be! 

And let me just say – back in the days, Vader was scary for sure. This black figure with this sick helmet and scary voice? Damn, it was something. BUT!!!! In Obi-Wan Kenobi it was a whole new level of fear. I had goosebumps every time I heard James Earl Jones’ voice. He was 10000 times more terrifying in this series. 

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First fight between Obi-Wan and Vader was absolutely brutal for my emotions. Obi-Wan was so scared, so stunned by the fact that Anakin was alive… He could not believe how evil and ruthless he has become. Probably that is why he was holding back – he lived a solitary life, suppressing the Force and his inner call to bring balance. He blamed himself for this situation and he almost gave his life. 

I can’t imagine Obi-Wan Kenobi doing anything wrong.

            The overall vibe of the show was just great, but let’s talk about episodes V and VI. HOLY COW, was that intense or what? That Wednesday was the worst day of the week for me – I felt like it just blended with Tuesday into one, never-ending day. But watching Kenobi could not wait – especially that it was almost spoiled to me. 

So, I came home around 10 PM and turned on the final episode, live-texting a friend of mine who saw it earlier. And it was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. So many amazing things happened – the DUEL???!?!?!??! It was perfect – well, almost. The scene-jumps to the Third Sister trying to get to Luke were… Pissing me off at that moment. But I get it – it was important as well. 

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One wasted opportunity everybody was waiting for, and Tom agreed with me – where the hell was “I have the high ground now!” line?! At that moment I didn’t even think of THE ONE LINE THAT TRULY MATTERS. The duel was simply spectacular. 

What have you become?
I am what you made me.

            That “farewell” scene between Obi-Wan and Anakin was THE BEST scene in Star Wars modern history and as of now, I am not changing my mind (ask me again after Andor and Ahsoka). Mixing voices of Christensen AND James Earl Jones together broke me and I was full on crying. 

It was symbolic and an instant classic in the canon we know – the final blessing and accepting fate. For so many years, Obi-Wan blamed himself for the death of his friend, but in the end, it was Vader who killed Anakin. It was the Dark Side that won and Obi-Wan did all he could. He tried. 

#i should be working. from #1 reva apologist
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I know Yoda said “Do or do not. There is no try”, but I don’t agree. Sometimes all you can do is try. And that is the BEST you can. A human thing, trying. Obi-Wan tried and failed, so he accepted the way things were – Anakin was truly dead. 

            That “Goodbye, Darth” was an insult and it stung me like a bee. What a perfect way to end things. And what a great way to show Vader that his old Master is still one of the most powerful Jedi out there? At this point, I got everything I thought I needed. Oh, how I love being wrong…

Hello there!

            I’M SORRY, WHY ON EARTH DID I FORGET ABOUT THIS? Just when I thought there was nothing more F&F could throw at me, this line just… Broke me again. In a good way! These were tears of joy. It was so perfect, so flawlessly blended into the story line. The ultimate crowd pleaser, not corny or cheesy at all. Iconic.


Before I talk to you about that last-last scene, let’s go back to Obi-Wan’s farewell to Leia. The way he was talking about Padme and Anakin… Saying what she got from her birth parents, oh… What a perfect, perfect, absolutely beautiful moment. And the level of understanding Leia had to show… Man. Everyone cried, am I right?

            But the last scene, as Obi-Wan or… Ben? Was leaving and met his old Master… The BEST JEDI in the Galaxy – Qui-Gon Jinn… I am so sure my neighbors heard me screaming. Qui-Gon deserved more than just The Phantom Menace.And now the door is open to new adventures, even though he is a Force Ghost now. 

To be honest, though, I was thinking we would see (or rather hear) Qui-Gon back on the ship, when Obi-Wan decided to face Vader alone. And when that did not work, I thought – okay, they decided not to break the Internet. I love being wrong. 

You’ve been a good apprentice, Obi-Wan, and you’re a much wiser man than I am. I foresee you will become a great Jedi Knight.

            Obi-Wan being the most streamed show Disney+ proves few things: Star Wars is on the high tide (GROUND) now, because it balances the healthy dose of nostalgia with just the right amount of original story telling. Sure, using beloved characters is a known trick (Ahoska for Mando and well… Obi-Wan for the entire show), but when it works, it works. 

People missed the rough and edgy adventures in the Galaxy far, far away. When done right (be that by the hand of Dave Filoni, J.F. or a talented bunch of directors, like Bryce Dallas Howard), it tastes just great. 

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I see a great, bright and rebellious future for Star Wars, and I have complete faith in the showrunners, directors, composers and writers. We live in the prime times, when all of our childhood/youth dreams will come true. 

            Andor is coming to Disney+ in late August and you know what? I feel it’s going to be a show like no other. Rogue One was full on rebel and only showed a glimpse of the ruthlessness and necessary sacrifice. I can’t wait!!!! 

BONUS – Twin Peaks Café’s favorite Easter eggs (not all, because damn. There has been so many!):
  1. Order 66 and Anakin just slaying these younglings. Oh, Maker. 
  2. T-16 Skyhopper – gift from Obi-Wan to Luke. Teras, right? 
  3. Leia’s only hope – oh that line from the Organas to Obi-Wan? Gosh, what a perfect, though bitter-sweet link to A New Hope
  4. Temuera Morrison as a trooper just broke my heart. But I am now convinced he will be back to playing Rex in Ahsoka
  5. Voices from the past – Yoda, Anakin, Qui-Gon. Just a taste before the real treat in the final episode. But I loved it, as it was a bridge to my favorite moment in TROS.
  6. Members of The Path, meaning we will see some Rebel Alliance in live action, right? 
  7. Coleman Kcaj, an Ongree Jedi Master who sat on the Jedi Council and Tera Sinube. 
  8. Pre- Clone Wars flashback of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s training. I CRIED, OKAY? 
  9. “I will do what I must”… 
  10. “Lifting rocks” holy crap was that powerful or?

BONUS part 2: Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs. Darth Vader Fight Scene (4K) (RE-EDITED w/ Duel of The Fates & More)

BONUS part 3: I have questions.
  • Number one, who saved Grogu from Order 66 and why do I think it might have been Quinlan Vos?
  • What will happen to/with Reva after her turn from the Dark Side? Will we see her again? Maybe this time, doing the right thing? 
  • Did Roken help form the Rebel Alliance? 

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