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Those nights…

            Those autumn nights, Friend! Soon it will be winter and then, the Christmas nights! I am so happy and excited for the days that are ….

1993 – movie’s version

            1993 was a beautiful year, in many aspects. Czech Republic and Slovakia separated, Kim Campbell became the 19th and first female Prime Minister of Canada, ….

You must like me for me

            You will not believe it, Friend – I’ve had the best birthday ever! It might sound like a silly thing to say, but it’s the ….

Feel good movies to watch

            “Feel good” is a genre of its own, don’t you think? Much like the comfort movies, it’s a different level of soul-soothing escapism. And that ….

Alien and Predator – rundown

            Alien and Predator series have been on my watchlist since FOREVER but you know me – any chance of being even slightly scared is a ….

All or nothing, baby!

            All of you probably thought I am going to post the Oppenheimer review today, huh? No, I am not ready to talk about it yet, ….

July is finally here…

            July is here and I’ve been saying this for months now – when July arrives, I will be a different person. And Friend, I swear ….