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The Original Storyteller

               Doesn’t that sound weird, the original storyteller? Shouldn’t storytelling be original by nature? Well, yes and no – my favorite answer to that kind ….

Be the rabbit!

               Be the rabbit. The humble bunny can outwit all of his enemies. He’s brave, and sneaky, and strong. Be the rabbit! However crazy this ….

Begun, the Clone Wars has!

              Begun, the Clone wars has, said Yoda long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Famous words from Attack of the Clones echoed ….

It was most painful year

               October 2016. Creators of Capone announced that Tom Hardy will bring back to life this iconic, notorious gangster. What remained unknown back then, was ….

Feeling star-struck

               Ahh, we’ve all been there, right? Feeling star-struck by someone from the big screen. Or little one, or maybe a director? Way back I ….

The middle of the road

               Last time I saw you, we went somewhere only we know, do you remember? It was such a nice chat, I really needed that. ….

Remember who you are

               Few days ago, I was preparing a podcast about Disney (holistic approach which only made me realize that there is sooooooo much to say ….

Reality is thin ice…

              I am not a big fan of horrors, I don’t like to be scared. So, if I had a choice between horror and literally something ….