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Filmed in London

            Filmed, set and inspired – my weekend trip to this wonderful city encouraged me to go back to the “best” ….

The sweetest thing

           Love is the sweetest thing – it comes in all shapes and sizes, but it most certainly is sweet, with a dash of bitterness. But ….

Spooky… This is Halloween!

            It’s a spooky season! Technically, it’s almost Halloween, we are one day away. As a kid I never really did the “trick or treat” and ….

Best of 2021: Movies!

             There were plenty of good movies in 2021, but only few deserve the “best” adjective, while talking about them. I think the pandemic turned ….

10 best bits of the decade

                While everyone is working on pop cultural summaries of the decade (don’t get me wrong lot, I am working on that too!), I decided ….