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Why not now?

            Why? I mean, now the time is perfect, wouldn’t you agree? After all, timing truly is everything. I talk a lot about confidence lately (perks ….

Bloopers hunt for Easter

            Bloopers are my favorite thing, especially when I feel bummed out or tired. This week was one of the toughest this year (so far, hehe), ….

2022: it’s a wrap!

            2022 is over and we are now officially in 2023 – the Earth completed another lap around the sun, and I had my last morning ….

Have yourself a merry little…

            Have yourself a merry little whatever. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Lot! It’s been a minute, no? But hey, I got some well-needed and ….

Almost there…

            Almost. It’s almost time for my summer vacation in the middle of autumn. Winter, almost! It’s been a long-ass year, Friend. Beautiful but mentally tough ….

Three years and counting!

            Three. Years. Every year I’m amazed, continuously amazed by the effort and persistence. I’m usually the last person to brag, but damn, girl! September 30th ….