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Laura Palmer, who did this to you?

Laura Palmer, who did this to you?

Laura Palmer is one of the most enigmatic characters in the „modern” TV, and yet, following the multiple, complex threads surrounding her murder is a tough act. I am tempted to call Twin Peaks one of my „comfort watch” series, but it is so delightfully unsettling, I am not sure comfort is a good word. It’s a perfect show for the early beginnings of autumn.

Cool idea, how will it look like again?

               Ahh, here I come with explanation:

  1. I will watch 4 episodes a month, so one “chapter” a week [REVISED RULES: okay, like, come on. This is sadly not the world I live in, but the episodes are coming, haha].
  2. During each screening, I will write down my thoughts and theories, as well as interesting facts you might not know about. And there are plenty tasty bits, that even I missed! [This has not changed, and let me tell you – doing it years after I initially started is so much more fun!].
  3. After watching 4 episodes, I will post my notes on the blog for you to enjoy [Yeah well, whenever I have the time, yeah?].
  4. Hopefully, I will encourage you to watch Twin Peaks or maybe re-watch it ? [Judging by the hectic quality of these observations, I’d watch it just to see what this thing is all about].

So, there. It was particularly fun task this time – I had to keep in mind that many of you haven’t seen the show yet and the best way to convince you is to emphasize multithreading.

Catch up with part one HERE.

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EPISODE 5 – The One-Armed Man

1. MURDER OF LAURA PALMER – There is now a sketch of the killer, thanks to Sarah Palmer’s visions. She also tells the crew about the necklace visions making Donna realize someone might have taken it.  Andy makes the sketch and… Was that the man from Cooper’s dream?

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

6. Dr Jacoby – the mysterious new suspect who is now interrogated by Cooper, covering himself with doctor-patient confidentiality. Once again, we learn that Laura had secrets… Another piece of the puzzle, a man who drove a red corvette, was it Leo?

New story line: 16. Gordon Cole! – played by the one and only David Lynch! He is Cooper’s supervisor; Cole gives Cooper briefings about Albert’s discoveries and about a complaint he wants to fail against Harry. 

5. THE FBI AGENT – Hawk finds the one-armed man from the morgue and Cooper’s dreams. Identified as Mr. Gerard, stays at the same shitty motel as… Catherine and Benjamin? Gerard looks at the sketch of Bob and claims he doesn’t know him at all. Turns out that on the arm he lost he had a tattoo but it wasn’t “Fire walk with me”. Harry and Cooper go to the veterinarian clinic to check out Bob (Gerard’s best friend) and our brave agent decides to seize the entire medical documentation to find the bird. Oh, what bird? The one that in his opinion bit Laura. Also, with this episode you can fully realize that Cooper is getting heavily invested with Twin Peaks and its citizens. Is our agent getting attached? <3 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

10. Love affair: Catherine + Benjamin – Catherine and Benjamin are still scheming against Josie and keeping their affair alive. At this point you can tell that Ben will for sure double cross her Catherine at some point. Catherine found a 1000$ casino chip from… One Eyed Jack’s. Uh-oh. Troubles in paradise?

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

9. The fascination: Audrey Horne + Dale Cooper – Audrey rightly realizes that in real life there is no algebra. She shares with Donna in the school bathroom about her discoveries surrounding Laura’s death. Audrey tells her about overheard conversation with Dr Jacoby. Interesting… Lovely, broken Audrey will for sure get involved in her on, twisted way. 

7. Love triangle: Norma + Ed + Nadine – Norma sees her husband before the hearing of his earlier parole from the prison. You can tell Norma is afraid of her, safe to say, estranged husband. She is guarded and let me tell you – she should stay that way. The entire hearing scene reeks of psycho for me.

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

3 Love affair: Shelly + Bobby / Leo – Can I just say that… Of all “women” and double-crossing and cheating and all of it, I like Bobby with Shelly. Leo is an absolute piece of shit, and I don’t know. I think Bobby and Shelly are good together. He tells Shelly that Leo and Jacques are smuggling drugs and it’s possible they were selling to Laura, which, come on, he knows. In return, Shelly shows him a blood-stained shirt of Leo’s.

17. The dorky love: Lucy + Andy – okay, I know I am adding this one kind of late, but damn aren’t these two adorable? Let’s be real, their storyline is not technically essential to the plot, but it’s just cute and they both deserve a special shoutout. Besides… They are so real. What the hell did Andy do to her that Lucy is giving him such a cold treatment?! 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

4. Friendship? Donna + James / 14. The Cousin – James is also a piece of shit, to be honest. Now that I think about it, he is a piece of shit. Or am I being too harsh? Is it me or did he just fell in freaking love with Maddy? Donna meets up with James in the woods where she buried the other half of the heart, which now was gone… 

2. BUSINESS PLOT – Horne now tries to get people from Iceland involved in his investment. Smells fishy af. He is having a conversation with Audrey, who appears to have a change of heart. Little did Benjamin know; Audrey had a secret agenda… She wants to start working at Horne’s department store… Where previously Laura and Ronnette worked. Benjamin meets up with Leo in the woods. He orders Leo to arson of the sawmill. 

12. One Eyed Jack’s – not technically happening there, but involving Jacques who… As it turns out, owned a bird that might have bit Laura and, in her stomach there was a piece of a plastic chip from One Eyed Jack’s. Are we closing in on the real murderer? But… What the heck was Bobby doing there? 

8. Love affair: Harry + Josie – Harry asks Josie about the motel she was seen in that day but she dismisses him. After a cute, friendly conversation with Pete (he is the kind of friend everybody should have), Josie finds a letter with a sketch of a domino piece… What could that be? WHAT THE HELL??? HOW DOES NORMA’S HUSBAND KNOW JOSIE?!?!?!?!?

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


5. THE FBI AGENT – I am not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I LOVE THE COOPER-DIANE dynamics, I freaking love it. The never-seen Diane is obviously an important person for Dale. His recordings of the tiniest, most ridiculous things? Aw. AWW. And the iconic: I’m tired and a little on edge, ah damn, do I love this man or what? Will the poor thing get this sleep that night? 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

1. MURDER OF LAURA PALMER – The investigation of JR’s place is still ongoing. I also am craving a donut right about now. They found another Flesh World magazine. Cooper, Truman, doctor Hayward and Hawk decide on a little field trip to a cabin in the woods. Is this the cabin where Laura was before she died? HOLY SHIT THE LOG LADY. What the hell is she doing there? I love her, to be honest. Also, tea first, then be ready? Hello, yes. But the log gives the crew a solid pair of clues. Yes, the log. They walk the path to the ridge; following sounds of the forest and reach the cabin they saw in Flesh World. It’s a proper sting operation now, and I must say – the stick that doctor Hayward has on him is the finest piece of weaponry. Suddenly, pieces of previously random information from Cooper’s dreams start to make sense… 

2. BUSINESS PLOT – Icelandic businessmen arrived to seal the deal? Jerry and Ben are planning to throw a party for the Icelanders and maybe, just maybe, invite them to One Eyed Jack’s. Leland comes back “from the dead” and asks to be a part of the transaction again. Back at the Great Northern, the big party with Twin Peak’s finest is officially ago. Leland Palmer appears as well… Will he break down again? Spoiler alert, he does when he hears the music. He starts dancing awkwardly and Catherine tries to save the day, joining him on the dancefloor, making all of the Icelanders follow. This is the quintessential Twin Peaks.

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

Hold the f up. Now HOLD. THE. F. UP. (Are you buying my reactions? I am asking because it brings me immense joy to pretend that I am watching it for the first time). Josie, what the heck are you doing? 

9. The fascination: Audrey Horne + Dale Cooper – Okay, truth time? I am a bit on the fence with chemistry. I mean, it is undeniable, that’s for sure. Cooper is 35 during the events of the first season and Audrey is 18. Now, this isn’t a new thing to feel attraction, well, both ways here, but damn. Edgy AF. Audrey starts her work in Horne’s Department Store, as part of her desire to help Cooper, to impress him with the investigation. Audrey has this ability to wrap most men around her finger, and she wasn’t afraid to use it on the store manager. Cooper comes back after an eventful day to find… Audrey, naked in his bed. 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

3. Love affair: Shelly + Bobby / Leo – I still am kind of a fan of this relationship? I feel so extremely bad for Shelly. I understand her longing for Bobby because he actually is… In a way, good for her. Am I the worst? Leo comes back from the road and gets jumped by… Hank?!? OMG THE LAYERS! And then… Shelly pulls the trigger. 

7. Love triangle: Norma + Ed + Nadine – Norma breaks the news about Hank to Ed. There is something hazy going on with Hank, that’s for sure. Remember that sketch he sent to Josie? But also, Ed goes classic on Norma with “I won’t leave Nadine”. But Norma is the definition of a strong, classy woman. She still loves him, but needs some time to heal. You go, girl! 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

4. Friendship? Donna + James – Side note, Donna is looking better and better these days. James comes clean about his father not being dead (musician who bailed on him and his mother) and an alcoholic mother. The thing he says about keeping secrets might actually be the first thing that makes sense. 

14. The Cousin – Look at that dude, so eager to get Maddy a cherry coke… Eyeroll. I am not sure about involving Maddy into the intrigue here, but I also understand Maddy’s desire to help. Also, why bother with the coke if you are not drinking it? Late at night, Maddy calls Donna – she found one of Laura’s tapes… 

6. Dr Jacoby – Bobby and his parents are seeking guidance at Jacoby’s office, doing family therapy. Also, side note, Bobby’s mother is just too much, haha. Jacoby gives me creeps, to be honest. He cuts right to the chase, asking Bobby about the first time he and Laura made love. Bobby tells Jacoby that Laura wanted to die… Now, Jacoby says that Laura wanted to corrupt people because that is how she saw herself. And boy, did that make me think? I immediately thought: we only accept the love we think we deserve. And it goes in EVERYTHING. Wow, thanks Twin Peaks. I am experiencing a lot of healing lately…

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

10. Love affair: Catherine + Benjamin – Okay, I hate them both and Catherine is the freaking worst, okay? But the way she slaps Benjamin, he sure as heck deserves it, that piece of shit. Man, watching this show after so many years and being quite literally on edge is so satisfying. I keep on calling people “pieces of shit” quite often, eh? Little did they know, they are not alone… Audrey hears everything, including the plan to destroy the sawmill. 

EPISODE 7 – Realization time

9. The fascination: Audrey Horne + Dale Cooper – After a jaw-dropping cliffhanger of “will he/won’t he”, people back in the 90s had to wait a freaking week. Cooper says something that once again, makes an imprint on my brain: What I want and what I need are two different things. I must admit, this might be the softest, most beautiful rejection a girl Audrey’s age can get. Classy move, Cooper. Later on, we see Audrey at the department store, feeling better and full-on investigating. And I must say, she is just in the right place and right time. 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

17. The dorky love: Lucy + Andy – Andy and Lucy are so goddamn adorable. We still don’t know what happened, and as I am writing this, I already remember but I swear to you, Lot – for a minute there I totally forgot. But now I get it. 

1. MURDER OF LAURA PALMER – Waldo is a new “witness” in the case, as that particular type of bird (and for the love of me, I will not tell you the name of its species), can mimic the voices. For now, it’s awfully quiet. New information arrives from the FBI, confirming who was at the cabin *that* night. Ah, screw you Leo. Now these donuts are to be thrown away…

3. Love affair: Shelly + Bobby / Leo – Bobby arrives to see Shelly, but… There is someone watching him. How the hell, Leo? We saw Shelly shoot you! We learn that she “only” shot him in the arm. Also… Leo is listening to the conversations happening at the police station. That’s how he gets his intel…

14. The Cousin / 4. Friendship? Donna + James – Maddy, Donna and James listen to Laura’s tape. And from that recording we learn that Laura wasn’t so innocent after all. They plan to retrieve a missing tape – tape from 23rd of February… The night Laura died. They come up with a plan and it’s a shitty-ass plan, to be honest. Maddy sneaks out, tries to at least, but Leland is awake and he sees her. Creepy AF. Now this is interesting: Maddy goes “undercover” looking like Laura and James is full on back in love, that piece of shit. Donna, don’t let him break your heart, okay?

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

7. Love triangle: Norma + Ed + Nadine – Hank starts working at the Double R and tries to charm his way to get information from Shelly. And she gives him Big Ed… Nadine’s great idea of the silent whatever to the drapes didn’t take off – surprisingly. Drape runner! That’s the name. 

5. THE FBI AGENT – Cooper is just the best. The way his face just lights up when Shelly asked him about coffee? Man. Love it. 

8. Love affair: Harry + Josie – Now we all are a bit suspicious about Josie. Is she triple crossing? Or double crossing? I feel like by now you Lot realize that Twin Peaks is all about layers and double-triple crossing and all that jazz. ISN’T IT THE BEST? Harry confronts her in person this time, about Tuesday’s visit at the motel. Is she playing or is she being honest? She tells him the real reason – Catherine and Ben. Harry shares his concerns with Cooper, who… Is a bit reserved about Josie. Also… Josie and Hank, working with Benjamin, WHAT THE HELL. 

15. BOOKHOUSE BOYS /12. One Eyed Jack’s – the boys are back in town, but why the hell is Cooper all dressed up like he’s going to a ball? Wait, is this the episode with David Duchovny? I can’t remember. They all arrive at One Eyed Jack’s, in disguises. I mean, for Cooper it’s not much of a disguise with the glasses but Big Ed looks like… Hall? Or Oates? Omg. Audrey is here too. And she looks amazing. And she does the thing, which… To be honest, it makes so much disturbing sense. 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

2. BUSINESS PLOT / 10. Love affair: Catherine + Benjamin – Catherine begins to suspect something is not right when Mr. Neff comes to her with her life insurance policy… Timing seems very suspicious, eh? She doesn’t sign the documents knowing full-well she is being double-crossed. Benjamin is getting restless about Icelanders signing the deal and now Jerry tells him they want to sign in One Eyed Jack’s… Where are the Bookhouse Boys? 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

6. Dr Jacoby – Now, Jacoby receives a phone call from “Laura” and is obviously shaken. He found a tape… But it’s a video tape. Which just reminded me that my VHS player is not working on my TV and it’s super sad and I have to get it fixed. 

EPISODE 8 – The Last Evening

6. Dr Jacoby / 4. Friendship? Donna + James – Donna and James sneak into Jacoby’s office, trying to look for the missing tape. I must say, the umbrellas that you put in drinks is something I absolutely adore from my childhood. Did they just…? Oh, but the bike! Bobby!!! Meanwhile Jacoby sees Maddy (pretending to be Laura) but gets attacked by someone!!!! Damn. We learn that Jacoby had a heart attack… 

15. BOOKHOUSE BOYS / 1. MURDER OF LAURA PALMER – the One Eyed Jack’s ruse is still in place, Cooper absolutely smashing the Black Jack, while making a move on Jacques. And let me tell you, Cooper is killing it undercover. We finally get some clarity about what happened to Laura in Jacque’s cabin and it is absolutely disgusting. Also, their code for this particular action is just delightful. Also, ANDY! Nice one. Mmm, are we sure about Jacques, though? Are we sure about that? Shit. Leland, come on… Yikes. Terrible way to go for Jacques… I suppose he had it coming though, eh? 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

9. The fascination: Audrey Horne + Dale Cooper – Meanwhile, Audrey… What are you doing?  But hey, picking the Queen of Diamonds? Nice one. Very fitting. That reminded me though that I never really liked this color in the deck. Always thought of it as the weakest, but now… Think I can change my mind. 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

3. Love affair: Shelly + Bobby / Leo – I am scared shitless for Shelly at this point. Oh Christ, Bobby goes to check in on Shelly, but he gets jumped by Leo. And Leo is full on his shit with the ax but then BANG! There goes a shot. Meanwhile Shelly is still in danger… When Catherine appears with a gun in her hand!!!! The fire breaks in the mill and Catherine is… Thinking?! OMG NO PETE NO!

4. Friendship? Donna + James / 14. The Cousin – the trio listens to the missing tape, but I am not sure this was a good idea? Nah, it’s a disturbing AF idea. Is Laura really talking about Leo? Disgusting. Poor James, I kind of feel bad for him. James gives Cooper the missing tape.

2. BUSINESS PLOT / 12. One Eyed Jack’s – Leo is at the mill, trying to do… What Benjamin asked him to do, but he is not the only one inside. Shelly is there too… Tied up. Back at the One Eyed Jack’s the Icelanders sign the deal for the Ghostwood housing project. Looks like this really is the night when shit will go down, for real. 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

7. Love triangle: Norma + Ed + Nadine – By now you have probably guessed something is really wrong with Nadine and as much as I shipped Ed with Norma, I do feel bad for Nadine. She clearly needs help. Fuck Hank. I am sorry, but fuck him. Not sorry. Also, poor Ed… Though, he is surprisingly chill for the situation that he walked into. Men… 

2. BUSINESS PLOT / 8. Love affair: Harry + Josie – I am losing it with this one, I swear to you Lot – I remember NOTHING from this plot. I honestly am puzzled as heck right now. For the love of me, I have no idea who is plotting against who anymore. I do know one thing: Hank is a piece of shit. OMG!!!!! Oh damn. I remember now. Wow, Josie. It will break Harry’s heart… But I am also partially aching for Catherine. Is this a real change of heart for her? After the phone call from Hank, we all know shit is about to get real. 

Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

17. The dorky love: Lucy + Andy – okay we, I mean you, will finally know the secret. I mean, it took me a moment to remember it, but seeing Lucy and Andy “back” together is the cutest thing ever. Andy’s reaction is… Well… For Lucy, probably far from ideal. 

9. The fascination: Audrey Horne + Dale Cooper / 2. BUSINESS PLOT – OMG BENJAMIN THIS IS GOING TO BE TRAGIC. Audrey already knows, just by the voice and the scene CUTS?! 

5. THE FBI AGENT – Dale goes back to the Great Northern and Lot, I just looked. I have 2 more minutes of the episode and mind you, it is a season FINALE. In his room, he finds another note from Audrey, addressed to “Her special agent” which is cute. Cooper also receives a call, someone knocks at the door and… HOLY CRAP WHY THE HELL. Now. This was a season finale which aired on May 23rd 1990. The first episode of season two premiered on SEPTEMBER 30th, 1990. 


  • Took me long enough to realize how borderline creepy this show is and what a huge amount of shit in this show – shit in the form of men 😀 
  • I absolutely love the layered plot twists. It’s a plot within a plot within a plot and it’s easy to get lost. I added two new plot lines and the entire season 1 has 17 now. I am so stoked and excited to see all the new threads in season 2! 
  • Funnily enough, I have this feeling of overwhelming familiarity but then again, I can’t keep my eyes from the screen. Did I really forget or is my mind playing tricks on me? 
  • The color palette used is out of this world, though I am almost certain Lynch didn’t pay that much attention to it. And I must appreciate for all these donuts close ups – this is cinema.


  • Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department – I love this place, for real. This is where donuts go before they die, I swear! Run by Harry S. Truman who took over from his brother, it’s a source of all investigative work. And, in addition, a place where peculiar interactions take place. 
  • The Great Northern – this is like a complete opposite of the Sheriff’s Department, it’s a source of all mischief. Owned by the Horne family, it’s the place where Cooper stays (clean, for reasonable price) and it’s where he has the most adorable “conversations” with Diane. The exterior of The Great Northern Hotel is the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie, WA. And? I would go there. I could see myself there, writing books, drinking coffee.
  • The Packard Sawmill – source (am I overusing this word?) of all business troubles and really, where all double/triple crossing began. To be quite honest, I don’t remember what happens with it in season 2 (if it went to ashes completely or…), but I am curious to see.


“She said people try to be good but they’re really sick and rotten, her most of all, and every time she tried to make the world a better place, something terrible came up inside her and pulled her back down into hell. Took her deeper and deeper into the blackest nightmare. Every time it got harder to go back up to the light.”

Bobby Briggs

“I can’t believe you were ever my age.”
„I’ve got the pictures to prove it.”

Audrey & Cooper

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet there are those who open many eyes. 'Eyes are the mirror of the soul,’ someone has said. So we look closely at the eyes to see the nature of the soul. Sometimes when we see the eyes – those horrible times when we see the eyes, eyes that… that have no soul – then we know a darkness, then we wonder: where is the beauty? There is none if the eyes are soulless.”

Log Lady


  • Deputy Tommy „Hawk” Hill – an enigmatic hunter, excellent tracker and a deeply spiritual character, who is an essential part of the Sheriff’s Department and the Bookhouse Boys. I love how he operates, so calmly and methodically – even if the methods aren’t conventional. 
Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com
  • Benjamin Horne – the ultimate piece of shit. I swear to Gods, he is the worst. Cheating on his wife with Catherine it’s one thing. But the entire operation at One Eyed Jack’s… All these girls… The drugs. And the way he treats his family, most importantly children… A piece of shit. 
Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com
  • Donna Hayward – took me a while to fully appreciate Donna’s character but I really grew to like her. She actually thinks for herself, just has a terrible taste in men (James? Ew, really. What a vanilla piece of shit). We witness a wonderful character development here as well – from Laura’s best friend, to teenager in love, to, finally (and hopefully), her own woman?
Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com
  • Dr Lawrence Jacoby – still on the fence here and I am not sure, damn, I am sure I don’t remember shit about him from season 2. I appreciate his complexness? Is that a real word? But I do not appreciate the secrets. Sure, he is a doctor, but… I mean… Admiringly, he is a great addition to the overall eclectic cast. 
Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com
  • Norma Jennings – ah, my heart is aching for this beautiful soul. She loved, still loves Ed deeply but she also has her honor and dignity – no more empty promises. It’s hard to be alone, especially when your estranged husband is a psychopathic piece of shit, but… Damn. One of the most tragic characters for me, right after Audrey. 
Photo by ABC Photo Archives – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. – Image courtesy gettyimages.com

               Holy shit, I love this show so much! I nearly forgot how much joy it brings me and what a great brain-teasing practice it is. I hope you Lot understood NOTHING and you are on your way to give it a watch. Besides… Are you sure we know what really happened to Laura Palmer?

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