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Summertime in autumn? Movie Journal

Summertime in autumn? Movie Journal

            Summertime is over, but we have a wonderful warm autumn. This is the time to watch good movies and just chill under a blanket with a hot beverage. Falling leaves usually is a sign of melancholy for me, but this autumn will be different. 

What changed?

            Not much – the file is still divided into 12 months and your job is to watch one film a week. I think that the concepts (themes) are pretty challenging – but in a good way. It is supposed to be a fun challenge, right? Each year I try to make it even more personal.

So, the idea for this year was to give you Lot the liberty of choosing your own concept. That happened in January and will happen again in July.. Other than that, this year there are no other additional tasks.

You can also get yourself to the movie theater or your home couch and score a “premiere”. As always – it can be an official premiere or… Something absolutely new to you. Rules of Movie Journal are meant to be broken. 

July – Create your own concept! Movies I watched in August but for July – self-date edition.

            To be honest, I have no idea what happened in July. Oh, wait I do! It was a summertime of love to live music! (LINK) I was out and about almost every weekend and with a full time job, I was a bit too tired to watch movies regularly. But I turned around in August and during one warm weekend I caught up.

And when I was not out and about enjoying summertime, I had Covid again, so. No will or power to do anything… 

I like the idea of a self-date. It might sound silly for most of you, but come on… Full day of “treat yourself” mood? Oh, I never felt so regenerated! Let me tell you, August was full of concerts as well, but I managed to squeeze in this much needed weekend. 

I did not watch a lot of new things (just one, to be exact), but I was feeling nostalgic, so apart from my go-to date film, I picked some Disney classics. 

 Take a look at all the movies we watched in July:

Here are the movies from Gavin
MB’s choices
Here are my movies

Here are the Twin Peaks Café July highlights:

LOVELIEST MOVIE OF THE MONTHS: About time (2013) – probably my favorite story about love – on all levels, not just the romantic one. And it gets me all the time, I always tear up. Plus, it feels absolutely perfect for summertime.

“MEMORY LANE” OF THE MONTH: 101 Dlamatians (1961) – probably the first Disney film I have ever seen. The unusual, beautiful lines! The quality of this animation is unlike any other. Plus, the story itself is just heartwarming. 

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Amelie (2001) – Hehe, I cheated with the scores but who cares? Amelie is for sure one of the sweetest, most important movies of my life. This time though, it made me question a few things but… Gosh. The music!!! 

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)  – such an important movie for all kids to watch. As a little girl I was struggling to understand why society did not accept Quasimodo, but… Yeah, that sucked. Apart from a great lesson, the visuals are spectacular. 

© 1961 – Walt Disney Productions, via IMDb

August – Movies that… are set in a dystopian reality

            This was one of my most anticipated concepts in this year’s edition. I was so excited, because I needed a reason to re-watch Interstellar (smirk). No, but seriously – I like dystopia, somehow it keeps me grounded. 

And grateful! I like how people are describing these movies as “so impossible to happen”. Honey, the last time I checked we are on a slippery slope towards gigantic climate crisis, so you know what? I want to be prepared and I want to do everything I can to prevent it. 

Look what we watched in August:

Here is what Gavin picked…
… and what Marta chose
Here are my movies…
And two premieres
Here are the Twin Peaks Café August highlights:

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: Equilibrium (2002) – it’s the best “the worst” movie I’ve seen in years. The lengths I will go to for Christian Bale… Concept was great. Execution? Ridiculously pathetic. I LOVED IT! 

HYPE OF THE MONTH: In time (2011) – for some reason it popped out as “trending now” on Amazon and I was like… Really? Now? This? But I have to admit, it was cool to watch it after almost a decade. Scary world. But hey – Cillian Murphy!

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH: The Truman Show (1998) – hands down, hats off – one of the best movies ever made. Fantastic Jim Carrey trying to break free. And that final bow… This scene will always give me chills.

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Interstellar (2014) – Heheh, did anyone bet on something else? Nah, Nolan always wins. Some would say that the ending was shit, I call it a partially happy one, but that last scene in the hospital and the way Matthew closes his eyes… Oscar worthy moment. 

© 2002 – Miramax – All Rights Reserved, via IMDb

What’s next?

            Moving out of summertime for the beautiful, golden autumn with longer evenings! Perfect setting for movie-watching, no? So, grab a blanket, make yourself a hot toddy and relax. Here are themes for September – Movies that… are non Marvel or DC, but about superheroes; and October: Movies filmed… in your country (or maybe even hometown?).

And hey, if you would like to join the fun and start your own Movie Journal, get your copy here. It’s completely free

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  1. Michał jest oburzony, jak mogłaś ocenić tak nisko Equilibrium hahaha. Poza tym myślę, że kategoria „movies that… are amazing for a self-date” byłaby świetna na przyszły rok!

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