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Space Force strikes back

Space Force strikes back

         Season 2 of Space Force hit Netflix on Friday, and it was one of the best things that happened this weekend. I loved this show from the start, because amid the seriousness of the pandemic, it gave us the comic relief we needed. Its future was uncertain, so the news about season 2 was amazing. Now, why is this show hanging by a threat?

F*ck water. What has water ever done for me?

         I wrote a piece about the first season, so if you feel like catching up, click here. I was watching it every morning before work; same as What we do in the shadows (I still owe you all a review, but I think I need to catch up with S3, so… A rewatch maybe?).

The main problem people had with Space Force was the constant need to compare it to The Office. Even though the mocking theme is present, it’s hardly a mockumentary. But it’s so damn funny! And it is something else. Which is why I think it deserves a chance.

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Netflix still hasn’t announced if it will be renewed for the 3rd season, but… Considering that it ended with a cliffhanger, I am hopeful and optimistic. I believe the streaming platform takes around a month to decide. But we never know until we know, right?

You can use a regular office chair for your testis, Brad. You’re not a Faberge egg.

         I think one of the best things about Space Force S2 was the writer’s diversity – one of the episodes was written by Jimmy O. Yang, who also plays doctor Chan in the series. The humor was really light, even though the circumstances were not. The Space Force was under the watchful eye of people trying to dissolve it.

Season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger as well – will the mission be a success? How will it end!? I remember that I was on the edge and super-excited for season 2. I got really attached to all the characters, but I missed F*uck Tony the most.

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Ben goddamn Schwartz! What a character development as well, in season 2 he was not that annoying… I think he was one of the sweetest out there. He kept his charm though. And the drive and passion for being a hype-man. For sure, he was the best thing in the show, when the plot was peaking down.

Can we all stop whispering our questions? I know she’s a hero but it doesn’t mean she has super hearing like Daredevil or Spider-Man, okay?

              The second line of casting is particularly strong and that needs to be appreciated. Why? Because the leads are letting them shine and that is something very rare in the industry these days. Of course, Steve Carell (playin General Mark R. Naird) is hilarious and John Malkovic (as Dr. Adrian Mallory) is slightly less annoying (in a good sense). 

But it was Ben Schwartz (F. Tony Scarapiducci), Jimmy O. Young (Dr. Chan Kaifang), Tawny Newsome (Captain Angela Ali) and Don Lake (Brad Gregory) who brought this show home. Watching them interact in different configurations – Tony being a wingman for Chan; Angela confiding to Tony; Dr Mallory being a mentor to Chan… 

Will Space Force return for a season 3?
Source: digitalspy.com, Netflix

Well, there is a true force in a family being together, right? Especially in such challenging, pivotal moments for them. S2 was significantly better in terms of relationships. Even Erin (played by Diana Silvers) had a bigger, more mature and responsible role. And I loved it!!! You can really see a great character development with basically everyone.

They don’t know we know what we know, but we know that they don’t know we know what we know.

              Let’s talk for a minute about the special guests that popped up this season – Lisa Kudrow again, not in person though. And good, because I feel like her character’s storyline played out. I was delighted to see Patton Oswalt join the cast for a few episodes, his appearance was so sweet! 

But the “Oscar” goes to… Tim Meadows! Oh, what a brilliant cameo (okay, that’s too small of a word, he was there in 4 episodes!). He played the horrible Secretary of Defense. He was leading the inquiry in the first episode and gosh, I hated him.

              Creators of Space Force fixed the major issue that S1 was dealing with – the need to be cinematic and “up there”. The goal of this show should’ve been to simply entertain. And S1 felt a bit… Too much? Too many plot lines, too much force(d) humor. With bigger focus on the “in house” characters and small but meaningful cameos – S2 was hilarious. 


What’s happening at Space Force? Oh right, nothing because they halved your budget.

              I usually don’t watch “one season in one day”, but with Space Force I just couldn’t help it – really needed that comic relief, after a stressful and painful week. I wish people would “suffer” through S1 – though suffering through sounds really bad! It wasn’t that bad, it was… Special. But aren’t all seasons 1 like that?

Comparing the two seasons, the 2nd one looks so much better – I think that the crew behind it calmed a bit and focused on the real purpose: bringing joy and not overcomplicating life. Listen to yours truly and give it a chance. And if I cannot convince you, watch THIS.

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