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Grand finale of 2021 Movie Challenge!

Grand finale of 2021 Movie Challenge!

           The Grand Finale is here – though we are halfway through January 2022. It’s okay. I like writing summaries! And looking back at 2021 in movies… It’s always kind of bitter-sweet. Bitter, because it’s over but sweet, because it means that something new is coming. 

It’s been quite a ride, wouldn’t you agree? Great movies and truly challenging concepts – just take a look at November! It took us some time to find the right movies, but I am very glad we did that extra mile. For me, Movie Challenge is – and always will be – a great opportunity to watch something new, but also revisit movies that I love.

For the last, final time – what were the rules?

          This year, I wanted to make it more personal for you (and me) – this is why there are not themes/genres. So, here is a recap of what has changed:

  • No more themes – only concepts!
  • No more “5-word-review” – I know, I know. This was a beach and I thought it’s going to be so easy!!! This year I am giving you more space to express your thoughts – but let’s keep it short. 50 words max!
  • Additional tasks – in some months there will be a bonus “question” – let’s call it that – for you, Lot. All in efforts to make it more personal – it is a journal after all.

Other than that, the rules are quite similar:

  • One movie a week – UNLESS you don’t have that kind of time, which is understandable. Last year few of you said that watching one film a week is challenging. And I get it. Family, work, time for yourself – all critical to mental well-being. The file was designed a certain way – for weekly screenings. But… Who said you MUST use it this way? I encourage you to watch one film a month. Maybe two. You can modify the file for your best comfort. Surprise me! 
  • Ratings – same as last year, from 1 to 5 for: plot, acting, cinematography, directing and music.
  • Movie premiere – adapt, overcome and use it as you please. It can be something new FOR YOU, it can be something new for the world. Additional task for volunteers.

November – Movies that… were/could be banned

          Quite a controversial concept, but I liked it. Thought provoking, for sure. And it made us watch a lot of great movies. For me, it was a great lesson on reflection. It is really interesting to find out that some movies we watch are banned in other countries.

For me, it was really groundbreaking to learn more about Last Tango in Paris. I was shaken and it changed my outlook on Marlon Brando. 

         Here is what the gang watched in November:

Gavin also watched „The Life of Brian”!
Marta, p. I
Marta, p. II
And that’s mine assignment…
And here are my premieres!

Here are the Twin Peaks Café November highlights (this time premieres excluded):

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) – oh, what a brilliant movie about the human side of the divine. Amazing film and I am more than happy to top it off with the source material read. 

“MEMORY LANE” OF THE MONTH: Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988) – this was definitely a good movie to watch for the Grand Finale. It carries a lesson as well. It’s easy to assume that the pretty girl wants nothing but money from the “not classically handsome male”. 

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) – oh damn, this was intense – even though the pace wasn’t so quick. A foundation for all war movies we know – including my beloved Dunkirk. Worth a watch and a read. 

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH: Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979) – Monty Python is something that cheers people up with its intelligent wit. At first it might seem goofy, but it carries a big smart charge of reflection.

Source: Pinterest

DECEMBER – Movies that… warm your heart

          Final concept of the year that really warmed my called, dark nights. Hot tea or cocoa, dimmed lights and some amazing movies. Somehow I predicted that December will be pretty rough. Revisiting movies that warm my heart. 

I watched a lot of Christmas movies as well (because of Twin Peaks Cafe Christmas Countdown), but I wanted to pick different ones for the file as well. 

         Here is everything we watched in December: 

Gavin choices for Grand Finale
Radek also saw new Matrix… 😀
Marta and I watched „Operation Christmas Drop” together!
Her premieres
Here are my choices for the Grand Finale
My premieres
Here are the Twin Peaks Café December highlights:

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: Home Alone (1990) – It’s always surprising to me how much fun I have while watching this film. And I always watch it on Christmas Eve with my parents, which only makes it better. 

“MEMORY LANE” OF THE MONTH: Forrest Gump (1994) – really a memory lane kind of film to watch, especially for the Movie Challenge Finale. Based on a wonderful book, made into a beautiful film with Tom Hanks. 

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH: Amelie (2001) – childhood memories strike back! My godmum showed it to me and I fell in love with the story and music. It’s a collection of stories by dreamers and for dreamers. 

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) – I mean… That will always and forever be the case with extended and regular versions. It is a tradition that I watch it every year (V-Day), but re-watching this final part is just… Pure joy. 

Source: Pinterest

What’s next?

           Now it’s time for a brand new version of this exercise – Movie Journal, 2022 edition! You can read more about the details here and get the file here. You can join at any time and bend the rules as you please. Only have time to watch one movie a month? Cool with me. You watch MORE than I ask? Be my guest.

Also, maybe one day I will be able to create a jingle for our Movie Journal? Who knows. As of now, I am trying to learn this.

One thought on “Grand finale of 2021 Movie Challenge!

  1. The 2021 version was really fun, just like the 2020 was, so I am already excited for the 2022 one! I cannot believe that it’s already a 3rd edition – well done, J! <3

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