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Best of 2021: Movies!

Best of 2021: Movies!

             There were plenty of good movies in 2021, but only few deserve the “best” adjective, while talking about them. I think the pandemic turned the cinema industry into an even more competitive market. Moviemakers are backed against the wall with streaming services taking the world by the storm. But for me, cinema will always endure. So, let’s talk about the best movies in cinema in 2021.

Side note: I decided to choose 10 out of many, maaaany movies that came out on the big screen in 2021, and just because some of them are “low”, it doesn’t mean they sucked. 

10. Matrix: Resurrections

             Okay, so yes – I will say it out loud. Even though it felt super nice to see Carrie-Ann Moss and Keanu Reeves together again… This movie was completely unnecessary. Lana Wachowski put herself on a monument. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, if she decided to make a “reunion” kind of thing. 

The plot was all over the place and even hardcore Matrix fans couldn’t connect all the dots. Definitely not the best movie in 2021. I was looking at my watch at least 3 times during the screening, which… As you know, it is never a good thing.

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9. Black Widow

             Wasn’t terrible, that’s for sure. But it was a story out of context and it should have been told a long time ago. Natasha deserved better. This movie was a good introduction for Yelena – and that is another issue. All of that clouded the entertainment part for me. 

Sadly, out of all Marvel movies that came out in 2021 – this one was the weakest. Read my thoughts here.

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8. Venom: Let there be Carnage

             I was struggling whether this one should make the “best” list, but you know what? Venom was something else in my head. Sony decided to go into a more comedic direction and it wasn’t a bad thing. Plot-wise this movie was really mediocre. 

But overall, I had fun watching it. Of course, I liked the first part better. But to be completely honest, with all its flaws – it was pretty cool. Even though Venom should be evil and cruel and show no mercy. However… The very fact that he is best friends with its host is pure gold. 

I wrote a piece about it and you can check it out here.

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7. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

             There are two things that made this movie “best” – Paul Rudd and the last 10 minutes of it. I liked how the plot was leaving breadcrumbs to the climax and then a happy ending. The young cast with Mckenna Grace leading the way – brilliant! She was amazing. That Stranger Things kid? I didn’t even know why he was there.

Comedy aside, it was a sweet tribute to the heritage and legacy of the original Ghostbusters. It didn’t feel forced, like with The Matrix.

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6. West Side Story

             This version is getting a lot of allocations (most recently on the Golden Globes!) and so far – very well deserved. I have very good memories with the original version, but I absolutely LOVE what Spilberg did here. 

The colors were absolutely radiant! And the young, sweet Rachel Zegler! She will be a superstar, that’s for sure. And in a good sense, of course. Very strong second line as well. And Rita Moreno being back… Ah, my heart!

             I’ve a great pleasure of watching this movie with my friend and we were fangirling a lot. Soundtrack is on my movie soundtrack playlist. One of the best movies this year! 

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5. Jungle Cruise

             This was one of the most fun and enjoyable movies I watched in 2021! I took myself on a lovely date in July and had a great laugh. It kept me on the edge as well – as any adventure movie should. 

Even though the plot might have been quite predictable and somewhat cliche, it didn’t feel that way for me. After all, some movies are there for us to have some fun. Emily Blunt as a female lead was brilliant. And the Rock? Funny as ever! 

My review is right here.

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4. The French Dispatch

             I was waiting so long for this one and it didn’t disappoint. Wes Anderson is an aesthetic champion and this time? It was a real feast. The symmetry, the color palettes, the soundtrack and wonderful cast delivering the cherry on top! 

The story itself was quite simple in its core, however, with additional bits and pieces coming together to create one, fantastic picture. Wes Anderson at its best! 

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3. No time to die

             Oh boy, what a rollercoaster of emotions! I think we all expected some kind of ending but not that ending! Beautiful conclusion to the Craig era, which – I must say – is a pretty decent era for James Bond.

Action packed and with great plot, No time to die is in my top 3, for best movies of 2021. But you can read more here.

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2. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

             If there is one thing that Marvel does best, it’s anthologies and folklore tales. It was one of the best movies from that studio in years. In September, it was the best Marvel movie since Avengers: Endgame (the No way home came and well, plot wise, I still believe it’s best one, but in terms of fan service…). 

But to be completely fair, this movie was wholesome and I loved every bit of it. The bus fight scene was one of the best choregraphies I’ve seen in ages, well done!  My review here.

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1. Dune

             Is anyone even surprised? For me it was absolutely the best. Plot wise – well, the book covers it all. And even though it was just part 1 (half of the book), I felt very fulfilled. My expectations were through the roof and D.V. delivered sky-high results.

Starting with breathtaking visuals, star-studded cast, out-of-this-world music and a vision – that’s a recipe for a spectacular movie. But these are mere words of mine. With a movie of such importance, it is best to see it for yourself.

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             Honorable mentions: Spider-Man: No way home, Eternals, The Green Knight. 

What is on your “Best of 2021” list, Lot? 

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