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Movies of the pre-summer time!

Movies of the pre-summer time!

         Summer is in full swing and movies from July and August will come next. Right now, I am in Montenegro, enjoying the sun and free time. So, it is finally the time for you to enjoy the summary of what we watched in May and June!

What are the rules?

          This year, I wanted to make it more personal for you (and me) – this is why there are no themes/genres. So, here is a recap of what has changed:

  • No more themes – only concepts!
  • No more “5-word-review” – I know, I know. This was a beach and I thought it’s going to be so easy!!! This year I am giving you more space to express your thoughts – but let’s keep it short. 50 words max!
  • Additional tasks – in some months there will be a bonus “question” – let’s call it that – for you, Lot. All in efforts to make it more personal – it is a journal after all.

Other than that, the rules are quite similar:

  • One movie a weekUNLESS you don’t have that kind of time, which is understandable. Last year few of you said that watching one film a week is challenging. And I get it. Family, work, time for yourself – all critical to mental well-being. The file was designed a certain way – for weekly screenings. But… Who said you MUST use it this way? I encourage you to watch one film a month. Maybe two. You can modify the file for your best comfort. Surprise me! 
  • Ratings – same as last year, from 1 to 5 for: plot, acting, cinematography, directing and music.
  • Movie premiere – adapt, overcome and use it as you please. It can be something new FOR YOU, it can be something new for the world. Additional task for volunteers.

MAY – Movies from… your favorite “cinema person”

          I could easily fill this concept with Chris Nolan’s movies only. There, I did it again – randomly mentioning his name in EVERY conversation, haha. But to be honest, I have a lot of favorite people in cinema – Taika Waititi, Peter Jackson, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Michael Giacchino… And tons and tons of other people. The list could go on and on, and if you throw actors and actresses as well, we are GOLDEN.

I tried to diversify though, and of course – could not escape my all-time favorite – Tom Cruise. What can I say, I have a soft spot for Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks in movies! But I finally managed to wrap up The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and so far, it’s the worst of Marvel’s shows. I think they are better off with movies… Invincible on the other hand blew my mind.

         Take a look at all the movies we watched in May:

Marta’s choices p. 1
Marta’s choices p. 2
Look, those are mine! Part 1
Aaand part 2
Here are the Twin Peaks Café May highlights:

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: The Last Samurai (2003); cinema person: Hans Zimmer – the only surprise I am guilty of is actually enjoying Tom Cruise’s performance. I know, I know but don’t get your hopes up – he is NOT growing on me. I have a special sentiment for this film – the soundtrack is one of the most wonderful ever created. Another thing is that this movie is one of my mum’s favorites.

“MEMORY LANE” OF THE MONTH: Memento (2000); cinema person: Christopher Nolan – perfect for the highlight and perfect in terms of Nolan’s storytelling. I wrote a review quite recently, so there is no point of repeating myself. Though with Nolan… I could go on and on.

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Arrival (2016); cinema person: Denis Villeneuve­­­ – this is a bit of a stretch, since the grading scale is 1-5, but I couldn’t just pass by the amazing plot. This was my first time watching it and instant regret came upon me – should’ve seen this one in the cinema. Brilliant when it comes to plot, cinematography and… Basically every single element. Technical and emotional.

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH: A quiet place (2018); cinema people: John Krasinski & Emily Blunt – it took me some time to actually gain the courage to watch it. It wasn’t very scary but most definitely thrilling. Story about parental love, the unconditional one told in a very unique way. Loved it!

Source: Pinterest

JUNE – Movies that… have good/bad remakes

          Might have seemed like an easy concept, but during Movie Club’s happy hours we tried to find movies that have GOOD remakes. Luckily for all of us, this journal is highly subjective. I might like something, but Gavin not necessarily. And that is the beauty of it!

I had this grand plan to watch both movies – original and the remake, but only managed to do it with one. Again, no time. Too much anxiety. But I had some luck with the TV series – I started re-watching LOST for whatever reason. And I gave a chance to polish Szadz which got me absolutely hooked.

         Let’s see how we did in June, here are all of the movies (and shows) we watched:

Marta, p. 1
Marta p. 2
Yours truly, p. 1
And p. 2
 Here are the Twin Peaks Café June highlights:

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: The Fly (1986); what kind of remake: good – Okay it was effing creepy but I am glad I watched it. The things we do for Jeff Goldblum… I don’t want to know what the original is like. Thank you, next!

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE MONTH: Dredd (2012); what kind of remake: bad – okay first of all, I kind of counted for Karl Urban to take off the helmet, but here we are. Great concept – really cool comic book, but the execution (pun intended) … Very poor. Chaotic and not thought through. Shame. But hey – the slow motion sequences were pretty cool!

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Little Women (1994;2019); what kind of remake: good – I must say that Christian Bale and Timothée Chalamet were both INCREDIBLE as Laurie? Special shout out to that aspect. As for the story, I love the modern “twist” that Greta Gerwig added but in general – it’s one of my favorite stories. 

BEST MOVIES OF THE MONTH: Insomnia (2002); what kind of remake: good – This felt absolutely refreshing. It wasn’t Nolan’s beginning, but for sure a different path. Good and edgy thriller with brilliant roles of Al Pacino and Robin Williams. Review will come next week!!! 

Source: Pinterest
What’s next?

          Part four of the summary of all the real-Summer movies will come in September. Might seem faster, but let’s face it – I’ve been falling behind. Now my life should slow down so I will be able to take a breath and relax with some good films. And shows! And what is coming? July is (or was…) about movies that kept us alive during lock-down. Oh, there were plenty!!!! So many to choose from. As for August, it’s movies that bring out childhood memories. With August comes additional homework, and that is “tell me about this moment”. Can’t wait to read all about it!!!

Remember, that you can join TPC Movie Challenge at any point – just go here and download the journal file, make sure you follow the rules (I accept bending them, though) and send it to me by the end of August. 

One thought on “Movies of the pre-summer time!

  1. I guess I was lucky enough to see Arrival (2016) in cinema. Indeed great movie.
    It’s based on a short story, did you read it? Must admit that movie was more interesting.

    Cannot say the same for The Edge Of Tomorrow (2014). Not so great movie (compared to Arrival) but enjoyable.
    A novel on which it is based is WAY better. It gives a plot a lot more sense and provides many important context information.
    I cannot agree with some people saying this was a very good movie, it was decent, fine. After reading a book though one would change his/her mind 🙂
    Regarding the concept itself, Julia, you should really try the novel, they changed a VERY important aspect of the plot in the movie, it was even more intriguing in the original (and dramatic).

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