Year-end 2020 Movie Challenge recap

Year-end 2020 Movie Challenge recap

               Year-end summary. Can you believe it’s been a year ALREADY?! Time sure as hell flies fast here at Twin Peaks Café. Frankly Lot, when I created this Challenge, I did not dream we will make a second edition. I feel pretty comfortable, we will keep this going. There are so many films to watch!!!

By the end of this post, I will invite you to 2021 edition of Movie Challenge. Excited?! I for sure am – it means another year of good fun.

Take a look back on this amazing year-long journey we had by reading all posts under “Movie Challenge” category here.

NOVEMBER – “Horror movies”

            Now, this time I had no way to cheat this theme – and you know how much I hate horror films. At the beginning of the year, I was like “This is a great idea”. Then, when November came, I changed my mind – it was a terrible-ass theme. But in the end, I am glad that I put it there. After all, this is a Challenge – to get out of our comfort zone.

Here is how this month looked like for all 5 of us (Gavin, Monia, Marta, Damian and me):

Monia (+ Michal, just take one point down from each of her scores)

            The five of us by year-end, and we managed to choose so many great films! 😊 Some are classics, some are new to me – but I put them on my “to-watch” list. I’m happy to say, that I’m not that scared anymore and next time there is a horror film in TV, I will give it a shot! Plus, I have some “oldies but goldies” to catch up.

In “TV Show premiere” corner for November I chose Schitt’s Creek season 5 and The Mandalorian season 2. The first is one of the best shows I have ever seen and it truly deserves all the recognition. Dan Levy is such a talented and funny storyteller. PLUS! David Rose is Dan Ley. Or the other way around. Anyway – perfection. As for The Mandalorian… What can I say? Right now, I am after the final episode. My heart is full. Can’t wait for all the SW goodies – including S3 of Mando.

Here are the Twin Peaks Café NOVEMBER highlights:

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: The Devil’s Advocate – and sadly, not in a good way. I was very hyped for this one, but… Damn. I was really disappointed. Probably because I had such good feeling, after watching The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp. Still, I am glad I crossed that of my list.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE MONTH: Tesla – I watched this one as part of American Film Festival and… I felt disappointed. Ethan Hawk is not my Tesla, David Bowie is. I loved Kyle MacLachlan as Edison – this is exactly how I pictured him.

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Eraserhead – classic, typical David Lynch. All of the time you think: “What the hell is going on… I don’t understand”. And Lynch smiles and replies: “That’s the whole point, kid”. Must-watch for those, who look for challenging cinema.

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH:  Se7en – I was struggling with this one for quite some time. And, as it turned out, for a good reason. It was the scariest film for me this month: the slow pace, the unspeakable murders… All concentrated on seven deadly sins. Brilliant concept.

Source: Pinterest
DECEMBER – Christmas movies

            Now, this was (for me) most anticipated month. Since 2020 is officially deemed as the crappiest year, I needed some Christmas fluff in my life. And so did all of you, right? Theme was ridiculously cliché but who cares? I think it’s great, that we could end this year with some heartwarming style, right?

December was abundant in movie premieres – and I watched them all! 😉 Well, almost – I’m pretty sure I missed some films, but still. Sadly, cinemas in Poland are still closed – until January 17th for sure. I hope, that I will be able to see… Well, at this point, basically ANYTHING on big screen soon. I need that in my bloodstream.

This was a bit sad month in terms of TV shows – I finished Schitt’s Creek and got very emotional about it. Las season felt like a warm hug around my heart. I also watched something new with my mum, that is Quiz on HBO. It’s a mini-series (3 episodes only) about controversial win in Who want’s to be a Millionaire, based on a true (still unsolved?) story.

Take a look at our scores:

Monia (+ Michal, just take one point down from each of her scores)
Here are the Twin Peaks Café DECEMBER highlights:

SURPRISE OF THE MONTH: A Charlie Brown Christmas – I always wanted to watch it and finally found the time… To catch up this 20-minute animation. What a donkey. But it was very… Deep and heartwarming at the end. It’s an important film about true meaning of Christmas, seen with children’s eyes.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE MONTH: Wonder Woman 1984 – the hype, that was built around this film was very Marvel-ish. Sadly, DC did not deliver. Goddammit, DC! I am rooting for you so damn hard. You have such potential – with great villains and amazing heroes and… You keep wasting it. First part got me hooked from second one. The sequel? Well… I was waiting and waiting and the film was over. The score was amazing.

HIGHEST SCORE OF THE MONTH: Soul – above 5 sure, but you will understand why right after you watch it. It is an animated wonder – Pixar is rising and SEEING its own bar every time. I called it the most grown-up Pixar film yet – I think it goes right through all adult barriers we keep building.

BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH: Rocky – For me it is a Christmas film, I used to watch it “online while on the phone” with my friend. It is a great story about how simple man, with simple mind, simple heart, wins. Not the fight, no. That comes later. But now, he wins love – something so absolutely rare and beautiful.

Source: Pinterest


            Lot, this is something I am very proud of and for sure extremely excited for. I always dreamt that I can create a movie journal for you – maybe even a hard copy. This is a good dream, and who knows? Maybe one day. Anyway – new year new Challenge!

Movie Date - Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Make a Date of It
Let’s stay in and watch Star Wars! Or literally anything else!

This year, I wanted to make it more personal for you (and me) – this is why there are not themes/genres. There are concepts. DUCK YES, we are doing this Nolan-Lynch-Lucas style! Let me walk you through what has changed:

  • No more themes – only concepts!
  • No more “5-word-review” – I know, I know. This was a beach and I though it’s going to be so easy!!! This year I am giving you more space to express your thoughts – but let’s keep it short. 50 words max!
  • Additional tasks – in some months there will be bonus “question” – let’s call it that – for you, Lot. All in efforts to make it more personal.

Other than that, the rules are quite similar:

  • One movie a weekUNLESS you don’t have that kind of time, which is understandable. Last year few of you said, that watching one film a week is challenging. And I get it. Family, work, time for yourself – all critical to mental well-being. The file was designed a certain way – for weekly screenings. But… Who said you MUST use it this way? I encourage you to watch one film a month. Maybe two. You can modify the file for your best comfort. Surprise me! 😊
  • Ratings – same as last year, from 1 to 5 for: plot, acting, cinematography, directing and music.
  • Movie premiere – adapt, overcome and use it as you please. It can be something new FOR YOU, it can be something new for the world. Additional task for volunteers.

Link to the 2021 MOVIE CHALLENGE – Your film journal is available here.

Send it to me every two months for a summary and… Happy watching! 😊

Bonus content – 2020 Movie Challenge TOP FILMS

               The day isn’t over yet! I decided to make a list of all “highest score of the month” based on all the files. I hope you will enjoy this list – last year I wrapped up the decade with TOP 10, now it’s time for crème de la crème of Movie Challenge.

JANUARY – 70s classics

  • Jojo Rabbit, 1917 – score 4.8 (Marta)
  • The Godfather part II– score 4.8 (Gavin)
  • The Apocalypse now – score 4.8 (Jules)

FEBRUARY – Disney classics

  • Beauty and the beast – score 5 (Marta)
  • Inside out – score 4.6 (Gavin)
  • The Lion King – score 6.25 (Jules) – heck yeah, I went above 5 on music 😉

MARCH – War movies

  • Dunkirk, Avengers: Infinity War – score 4.8 (Marta)
  • Hacksaw ridge – score 4.8 (Gavin)
  • Hook – score 4.9 (Jules)

APRIL – Superheroes movies

  • The Dark Knight, CA: TWS – score 4.8 (Marta)
  • Hancock – score 4.2 (Gavin) – since his highest score was TDK, I took second best
  • Dead Poets Society – score 4.8 (Jules)

MAY – Star Wars

  • Batman Begins – score 4.8 (Marta)
  • New Hope, Empire Strikes Back – score 4.6 (Gavin)
  • Capone – score 4.8 (Jules)

JUNE – 90s classics

  • Ed Wood – score 4.8 (Marta)
  • Goodfellas – score 5 (Gavin)
  • Mrs. Doubtfire – score 5.4 (Jules)

JULY – “Beach” movies

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – score 4.6 (Marta)
  • Point Break – score 4.8 (Gavin)
  • Hotel Transylvania trilogy – score 4.375 (Jules)

AUGUST – Award worthy movies

  • Interstellar – score 5 (Marta)
  • The Apartment, West Side Story – score 4.6 (Gavin)
  • Sweet November – score 4.5 (Jules) – Nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards

SEPTEMBER – „Back to school” movies

  • Grease – score 3.4 (Marta) – since highest score was Dead Poet Society, I took second best
  • Enola Holmes – score 4.2 (Gavin) – since highest score was Dead Poet Society, I took second best
  • The Devil all the time – score 4.6 (Jules)

OCTOBER – “Magic” movies

  • The Prestige, The Illusionist, Doctor Strange – score 4.6 (Marta)
  • Wizard of Oz – score 4.4 (Gavin)
  • Constantine – score 4.6 (Damian)
  • Love and Monsters score 4.7 (Jules) – since highest score was The Prestige, I took second best

NOVEMBER – horror movies

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – score 4.2 (Marta)
  • Supernova – score 5 (Gavin)
  • The Shining – score 4.4 (Monia)
  • Sixth Sense – score 5 (Damian)
  • Eraserhead – score 4.2 (Jules)

DECEMBER – Christmas films

  • Happiest Season – score 4.4 (Marta)
  • Diehard – score 4.8 (Gavin)
  • Klaus – score 6 (Monia)
  • The Midnight Sky – score 3.9 (Damian) – since highest score was Klaus, I took second best
  • Soul – score 6.25 (Jules)

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