Hello there! Your Oscars 2020 host is speaking! I remember, ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to stay up to watch the big gala. Sadly, here in Poland it’s quite late – around 2 am on Monday, so you know – school night, work night… My mum wasn’t easy to convince that I must hear those words: And the Oscar goes to…


             Let’s play a little game! It’s quite similar to our Movie Challenge (you can still participate! Start your movie journey on February with Disney’s classics)

  • Enter your name!
  • From drop downs choose your candidate for the winner
  • Comments section is for your freestyle – let me know how you feel about it! Do you choose from your heart or is it more “I didn’t like that movie, but it’s a sure win!”? I’M CURIOUS!
  • Send the sheet back to me.

DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 7th (FRIDAY), 12:00 PM! – send your forms to my e-mail address!

             Can’t wait to hear from you, lot! I, for one, am literally torn. In October, when I saw Joker I was sure it will win Best Picture. Then I saw Jojo Rabbit and I was like „this was great, I really hope it will win!”. Until I saw 1917 and my broken heart demanded this movie to win. Year after year it gets harder for me to choose.

             But one thing is clear for me – Academy Award for MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) goes to Thomas Newman for 1917.


             Enjoy this contest, lot! Once the dust settles, I will perform some analysis to see how you voted. Big shout out to Rafal who showed me, that there is a function in Excel that can help me with that. My original plan was to do this manually. That’s how bad I am at computers. Love ya, pal!

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