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The inflatable hug

The inflatable hug

                There are so many gadgets I want to test in the field, for example: the inflatable hug! Excuse me, but if you promote a movie with hugs, you can be damn sure I will watch it! Your friendly neighborhood hugger, reporting for duty! Ahh, you know what, lot? I love kids movies. All of them! Except from Frozen and Frozen II (which I was forced to watch with my 8 year old cousin. It was kind of sweet experience though, because as I was having a small cat nap, somewhere after 40 minutes of watching, I felt her gripping my arm. She got scared of something so she wanted to hug. Kids are amazing like that. So we were hugging for the rest of the movie, trying to find comfortable position in those chairs, and you know what? I’d watch Frozen over and over again if that would mean cuddles!). And maybe there are few other movies that I wouldn’t watch again but in general – big fan. Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks… There are plenty to choose from.

                Without any doubt, the Lion King is my favorite (kids) movie. I got myself “The Movie Book” – kind of a journal to write down movie reviews (of film I watch from my ultimate movie challenge). There are plenty of features like ultimate TOP 5 of directors, writers, actresses and actors… TOP 5 of each movie genre. The Lion King made three lists – Ultimate TOP5 movies of all time, TOP 5 animated movies, TOP 5 movie soundtracks. For real, if I had to choose one film that I would have to watch over and over again, it would be the Lion King. Always and forever. Why? Answer is quite complicated but I promise to tell you this story one day. Anyway, when I first watched trailer for Spies in Disguise (while I was still awake at Frozen II screening), I knew that this will be a must see. Plus… They used THIS song and MAN, I WAS SOLD. (*singing intensifies* I wanna rock right now, I’m Rob Base and I came to get down, I’m not internationally known, But I’m known to rock the microphone!). So, on a Sunday afternoon I went out with a friend for a tea, that turned out to be a coffee (are we addicts yet? Probably!) and we picked this movie. Or I did. Well, that’s not important, right? We had such a good laugh!

You know how you can tell when you’re the world’s greatest spy? Everyone knows the name.

                First of all, any movie with Will Smith in it? Even doing a voice-over? I will watch it. I told you a little about my love for him when I wrote a piece about My TOP 10 movies of the decade, remember? I really like that guy. He can be soft, but he can also be badass. And in Spies in Disguise we have it mixed. Will Smith is agent Lance Sterling – charming and cheeky James Bond of his times. He’s confident, funny and effective. Sterling has no remorse and he doesn’t care about the mess he leaves behind. Which was the main source of his troubles in this movie. He’s super and he’s fly, the kind of spy that really asks himself for troubles. Also, does that fact that Will is in the movie makes me listen to all his songs, while writing this piece? WELL, MAYBE.

It’s called Biodynamic Concealment. Imagine, if I could make you disappear!

                On the other “side”, there is brilliant young scientist – Walter Beckett. Tom Holland, ladies and gentleman! This was great casting choice because of a. Walter looks a lot like Tom, b. Tom is a giant dork and so is Walter. We meet Walter as a baby, playing with one of his gadgets. He invented a personal protection device for his mum – a police officer. And in that very moment I realized that Walter will remain this cute, adorable kid with heart of gold, whatever life will throw at him. Now that I think about it, world needs more Walters. And more hugs!

Source: Amazon
This is a vile waste of taxpayer dollars…

                This a classic story of the good guy being framed, finding sweet and caring wingman ready to help him and prove his innocence. They have lots of crazy adventures along the way – like I said, a classic story. With an amazing, funny twist. Form the moment Walter met Lance, he wanted to show him all of his great gadgets. But Lance had a taste of it already on a mission – glitter-kitty bomb that kept all the bad guys in awe for few minutes, just enough to escape in style. But… If I try to fight fire with glitter, I get my face burned off! Well, that does make sense in a profession like that. But Walter, this bright kid, wanted to make a difference. All his life, he was called weird and freak, solely for thinking out of the box. And I always strongly relate to outcasts and misfits like Walter.

                Lance gets in troubles with the bad guy that apparently knows him – but Lance, in all his glory, doesn’t even care. That’s his biggest issue – selfishness, on his country secret service (all of you Bond fans out there, hello! Question: Who the hell is Billy Eyelash? Eilish?). Dramatic turn of events him makes him number one on “Most Wanted” list and he needs to disappear… Wait, what? Wasn’t this weird kid rambling about it the other day? Something like that! He’s left with no options, so… He reaches out for help. But Walter’s invention was still in testing phase – with cute little pigeon lady, and when one thing led to another… Mighty Lance Sterling turned to a pigeon… And the epic story begins!

Source: The Wrap

                You know what makes animated movie great? A moral. What kid can actually take to the heart and (I know how it sounds but come on. Someone has to say it out loud!) carry it for the rest of its life. Like an anchor, which, contrary to popular belief is a good thing, if used wisely. The Lion King is mine. And sure, it’s easy for adult to spot it, but don’t ever underestimate children. They see more than we can and they see it clearly, without prejudice. Spies in disguise reminds us all that it’s okay to be different, even if people call it being weird.

I’ll always have your back. That’s what it means to be a team!

                For Lance, Walter and the pigeon bunch it was a rocky road, but they walked / flew it together. Ups and downs brought them closer, making them a great team. They completed each other, mixing their skills to create a perfect (and not-so-deadly combination). So, Lance – maybe it is possible to save the world with hugs, huh?

                You know, sometimes all it takes to make someone else’s day so much better, is to believe in them. And show it! People who may seem weird to us, are probably the best thing that could ever happen. Think about it. Close your eyes and think about your early years at school. Were you the bully? Or the one, who got bullied? Now, if you were the first one –  I’m not gonna judge you. You probably have changed, thank Gods. But if you could go back in time, you would never do that again, am I right? And if you were bullied or just… Alienated by other folks, what would be your advice to that kid? Keep going, kiddo. Better times will come. And wouldn’t you want a chance to prove yourself? Thought so.

                Team means trust. Lance had difficulties with confiding in Walter, because he was used to being a lone wolf, constantly being in the spotlight. Unfortunate turn of events forced him to believe in Walter. Believe, that he can actually help him with harmless gadgets. Harmless, but not useless! I am still smiling when I think about that kitty-glitter bomb. This movie shows the real value of friendship and teamwork. At one point, Lance sends Walter home, because he cannot lose good people anymore. That actually pushed one of my buttons, you know? Though Walter was kind of forced to help Lance, deep down he wanted to – this was his chance to prove his worth and show everyone that there is another way. And he wanted to show Lance, the greatest spy in the world, that things can be done differently! But this was a good move, because it actually showed the „human” in Lance. Human who has feelings, who cries and cares.

Source: Filmweb
We need people like you. People who can help the agency do things a new way.

                Sadly, sometimes only selfless sacrifice is an eye-opener, right? We realize how we feel about something or someone when it’s gone. This is important lesson for kids. What Walter did in the end was a „turnaround” moment for Lance – who, even though resented his pigeon-hood at first, swallowed his pride to save his friend.

                But in the end, that worked! Against all odds, Walter saved the world and brought bad guy to justice, with no harm done. World can be a better place, if we change our approach and attitude – trying to look at things with someone else’s eyes is a first step. It’s important to remember that life is not only black and white – it’s different shade every day, and that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.

– Let’s get weird.

                I honestly don’t remember a kids movie that would keep me so engaged in the plot, make me laugh and bring few tears to my eyes. Sure, like I mentioned there are plenty to choose from, but only few can awake so many feelings and thoughts. True, I am skeptical when it comes to new era of animated movies, especially for kids, but Spies in Disguise is an absolute must see – not only for kids, but for grownups. It’s a sweet reminder that being nice and believing in other people (and telling them so), is extremely important. And the story, even though some might say it’s cliché (I prefer to call it a classic), will make you want to watch it all over again.

                One last thing, lot –  if no one told you this today then let me say it: You’re doing great. You are not weird – different, for sure. But that’s awesome! So, own it. Be proud. Like I am proud of you, dude. Keep doing what you’re doing, I believe in you! And remember… You can save someone’s world with a hug… 😉

                Let me be clear on something: there is a major difference between hugging someone and being hugged – being a hugger and a huggee. Next time you will engage into this glorious, healthy activity, pay more attention.

When you hug someone, you put some muscle into it, right? Your arms go around their neck or upper back… Your action reduces stress and anxiety of this person you hug. You show support and love, making them happy. And when you’re being hugged, it’s entirely different. You get to be tangled in someone else’s arms, you get to re-charge your batteries. You get to feel the love and support.

Both options are incredibly sweet. Which one do you prefer? Read more about hugging benefits here!

2 thoughts on “The inflatable hug

  1. I always said that I am a 5 year old stuck in an older body. But I think this is something my mum passed on to me – we both love watching all animation movies (especially Disney movies) there are. She’s a teacher in Elementary School and if she watches some nice movie with her pupils, she immediately lets me know about it and I tell her about the movies I’ve watched so that she can watch them with the kiddos. Sometimes she tells me that she was more emotional about the movie than the kids – I think it tells a lot about her as a person.
    So yeah, I haven’t seen Spies in Disguise yet, but after reading your review now I am even more sure that I will. I love animations where there is some kind of moral hidden and those that from the outside are for kids, but, knowing that kids see the movie with their parents, sneak in some references only adults will catch. I’ve heard some children being super excited after seeing this movie & now there’s you being super positive about it, so heck, I need to see it next weekend.

    As a child, I always stood out but not in a way I would like to. I always wished to be the popular one while, in fact, I was the DIFFERENT one and this was too much for many people. So yeah, I had a very hard time at school, if we can put it this way.
    It took me half of my life to understand that one day there will be people who will accept me the way I am and will stay in my life as my most trusted friends. I limited my circle to very few people and I still find it difficult to share my feelings with others so if I tell someone that they are my FRIEND, it really means the World to me. THEY really mean the World to me.
    If I could do one thing to my younger self, I’d definitely give me a hug and tell the younger version of me that it’s not worth it to try and fit the puzzle you clearly don’t belong to.
    I think that being yourself is the hardest thing in the World so if you manage to do it, just know that you are the most badass person known to the public.

    And yes, the biggest huggers need to be the huggees from time to time so I know that I am not the best option in here but I definitely try to return your hugs sometimes! ❤

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