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My top 10 best movies of this decade

My top 10 best movies of this decade

                That’s really tough one, you know? To find top 10, the best movies of this decade. 2019 was easily one of the best movie-years in over 10 years, so… I could compose this list out of 2019 movies – Once upon a time in Hollywood, Knives Out, Ford v. Ferrari, Joker, Ad Astra, Rocketman, Shazam… But to make it more fun and enjoyable, let’s go back and see what happened in past years.

A lot of good movies happened. Lots of bad ones too. Tonight, I will focus on those that made my heart skip a beat. Are you ready? Is the kettle on? Actually, I’d rather have a coffee now. I’m pulling all-nighters lately, reading The Witcher and I have two conclusions so far: 1. I missed that feeling of reading all goddamn night, till dawn. 2. I’m surprised that I got so hooked on this book. Wow.

Side note: I’m a usually late to the party (The Witcher yes, I’ll wait for hype to be over sooo…), but I started watching Narcos and DUCK ME. Great show. Now okay, before I start rambling about it, let me start this list.

Soundtrack! for today’s best of. You will love it.

1. Inception (2010), dir. Christopher Nolan

                Holly duck. This is one of the best movies so far. I like to call it “contemporary classic”. Nolan is very peculiar director, his movies are… Weird. Good weird, I mean. I had to watch Inception two times to get it. And I love those kind of movies! The ones that you can’t stop thinking about. The ones, that drive you crazy. And Inception will do that to you. At first you think “What the actual duck are they talking about? Dream within a dream? WHAT?” Yeah. This film is tricky as hell. You can’t watch it (not for the first time at least) when you’re tired, because – trust me – your brain will hurt. It takes some focus and attention to get it. My parents still don’t understand it completely, but maybe third time is a charm? I’ll follow Nolan blindly to the sun. And well, I’m really happy that he comes as a package with Hans Zimmer, because his music in this film is absolute masterpiece.

“I specialize in a very specific type of security. Subconscious security.”

2. Avengers: Infinity War (2018) + Avengers: Endgame (2019), dir. Russo Brothers

                I will be watching Endgame tonight, as it arrives at HBO (yay!), my mum still thinks that everyone is dead. Yup. I managed to tell her all that and she thinks that no one is coming back. And heck, what if she’s right? But is she? Naah. OR IS SHE? 😀 But what if she is? I mean, she’s always right. But… Like, is she? 😀

                Why those two made the list? Well, Marvel did something so wonderful, yet so heartbreaking. They worked over 10 years to get to this point – introducing new heroes along the way, so they can join forces in the final battle with the Mad Titan. This was one of (see? I’m not claiming this as “the one and only”) the most ambitious crossovers in the history of cinematography. Justice League tried and failed, let’s face it. But Marvel… Wow. Total and complete success bringing together all beloved heroes. “Part of the journey is the end”, right? But… On the other hand, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – and ahead there is new era, full of new heroes and new adventures.

“You throw another moon at me and I’m gonna lose it” ; “No amount of money ever bought a second of time”

Yeah, I’m collecting the flyers and tickets 😀

3. How to train your dragon trilogy (2010, 2014, 2019), dir. Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

                Nowadays it is very hard to create kid’s movie so good, that every single adult (who was raised on classic Disney) would want to see. To be honest, I didn’t watch first part, until the second came out on DVD. Like I mentioned, I like being late to the parties ? Sometimes it is better to wait for dust to settle. Of course, it’s hard to avoid spoilers with big movies (like Marvel, Star Wars, DC) but it was quite easy with HTTYD.

So, one rainy afternoon, I was sick or maybe I just wasn’t feeling so hot, I decided to give it a shot. I literally told myself “I WILL GIVE THIS A SHOT”.  What a dumb duck I was. How to train your dragon IS ONE OF THE BEST TRILOGIES OF ALL TMES. First, it’s an aesthetic. It’s so beautifully done! Second, the message that it carries is super important and easy to recognize. Third, Toothless is cutie, but will fight you.

It resembled my cat so much! I cried when I watched HTTYD 3. I cried and I wasn’t prepared at all, because I had no tissues, but luckily, right next to me was sitting young dad with his kid (also crying) so he got me some tissues. Absolute must see for you adults out there.

“Thank you for nothing, you stupid reptile!”

movies decade
Yes, this is ultimate proof that I am, in fact, a five year old.

4. Intouchables (2011), dir. Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano

                Speaking of being late to the party – world premiere November 2011, polish premiere April 2012. Guess it’s not so surprising that I watch 80% of movies and tv shows with delay. Now, this movie is truly the classic one must see. This was a breakthrough performance for Omar Sy (who by the way, for me, always will be associated with tearjerkers, and I don’t care that he played in so many movies, Two is a family broke my heart) – he even got a César Award for Best Actor.

Intouchables itself is such a delightful movie. Incredibly smart, showing how important the right attitude and support are, when you think there is nothing left for you in life. Paralyzed “old” man, young struggling criminal – there is no difference, when it comes to seeing life. For them, there is only one way. But when they meet, it turns out that there is so much more out there…

“Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated.’ Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you’ll run out of time.”

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

                You know me, but this is not another superhero movie. This is entire new level of motion picture, animation, superhero and Spider-Man. I was skeptical, trust me – but you know, my mum says that only cows don’t change their minds ?. I wrote a piece about how genius this movie is, so there is no point of repeating. Check it out here!

“Look, I know I don’t always do what you need me to do, or say what you need me to say, but I see this spark in you. It’s amazing. It’s why I push you. But it’s yours, and whatever you choose to do with it, you’ll be great.”

6. The Theory of Everything (2014), dir. James Marsh

                I love Stephen Hawking, and I love how brilliant his mind was. How witty and sometimes ironic he was. It’s such a shame that the had no chance of seeing the Black Hole picture. You know, I’m not very good at math and I’m super terrible at physics. But you know what? I read “A brief history o time” two times. And each time I loved it more.

Funny thing about the title – there is an actual thesis in physics called “Theory of everything” – a hypothetical single, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. Which, by the way, I find very cool.

But the movie itself, with amazing Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking, and Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde Hawking, absolutely emotive soundtrack is a journey through Hawkings relationship and marriage, struggles of his sickness and beauty of his mind. How strong a woman can be, facing life like this? How much is a man willing to do, to make his wife happy? It’s a tough movie. But so worth watching.

“There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.”

7. Collateral beauty (2016), dir. David Frankel

                There is something about Will Smith. Sure, he can play tough Bad Boy or MIB agent. But for me, he will be a softie from The Pursuit of Happynes or Seven Pounds. Both of these broke my heart with their beauty. I was so frustrated at Seven Pounds’ ending, you can’t imagine. And Collateral Beauty is beautiful, heartwarming addition to these. First of all – Will Smith.

Say what you want, but he is one of the best actors. Look, I’m cute, alright? But I will fight you on this one. Second – Michael Peña. I fell in love with his acting in Ant-Man and kept my eye on him ever since. I know he’s in Narcos: Mexico, he played in The Martian, End of Watch, goofy but hilarious Tower Heist and couple of other movies.

Third – story itself. How tragic losing a child is. How unconventional, to bring Love, Death and Time into the story, as human beings. Although the trick was really mean, it showed that there is a life after catastrophe. It is a tough and rocky road, but with the right people and endless support, it’s possible to move forward.

“At the end of the day, we long for Love, we wish we had more Time and we fear Death.”

Plus that One Republic song will melt your hearts. It’s actually quite funny, how I associate this band with soft, delightful movies like this one. Their songs were used in few German movies directed by Til Schweiger (I wrote something about those, so… Keep an eye out!).

8. Rogue One (2016), dir. Gareth Edwards

                Hands down, the best Star Wars movie since the old trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Solo and The Rise of Skywalker (review soon), but Rogue One is amazing. This is one the most tragic stories in the Star Wars Universe, where the daughter (Jyn Erso played by Felicity Jones) of an Imperial scientist (Galen Erso played by Mads Mikkelsen) joins the Rebel Alliance (with Cassian Andor played by Diego Luna) in a risky (let’s not be afraid to say it – suicidal) mission to steal the Death Star plans from raising Empire (with Orson Krennic played by Ben Mendelsohn).

Except from brilliant actors, the story itself is so brave, touching and makes you hate Vader and Co. even more. The aesthetics of cinematography, when Stromtoopers “stroll” down the beach and sea with their weapons up… And most crushing final scene, when Jyn and Cassian share their last hug…

                Say what you want, but this movie showed the true brutality of war, with no survivors. I was kind of shocked, that Disney agreed to show this. How awful, heartbreaking and remorseless people can be, if they set their mind for power, ultimate power. I was devastated. Still am, when I’m on Star Wars marathon.

“Rebellions are built on hope.”

movies decade
Aaaand yes, in the „streaming” era I still buy DVDs.

9. Interstellar (2014), dir. Christopher Nolan

                It’s one of my favorites films by Nolan. With magical music that will shake you to the bones, Matthew McConaughey, that proved to me that he is worthy, and story set in space – I was bought from the first trailer. Well, I also mentioned that I will follow Nolan anywhere, right? So yes, the bar is always high for his movies, but so far – I was never disappointed.

“A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity’s survival.” – when I was looking for a summary of this film, this is the best one I found. It’s hard for me to shortly sum up Nolan’s movies – even Batman! They are so much more than JUST a stories…

                And Interstellar is one of a kind. There are tons of space movies, but this one shows how dangerous and sad space missions are – time flies differently, right? You know where I’m going with this.

“Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.”

10. If Beale street could talk (2018), dir. Barry Jenkins

                I don’t remember seeing movie so delicate. So chemically intoxicating with love and tenderness. Prolonged takes of Tish and Fonny looking into each other’s eyes. Jesus.

For the first time in a very long time, I watched movie first and read book after. And you know what? I am glad I did, because story turned out to be so tragic, so unfair and unjust, that I’m not sure I would want to watch it on big screen. I remember this, it was Monday 7 am, I was waiting in line to get my blood tested for something. So here I am, sitting in the most uncomfortable chair in this bleak waiting room, tears streaming down my face, because I just read the last page. I was so angry at that moment in history of humans.

                The movie shows how unconditional love can and should be. How truly remarkable this feeling is, if it’s pure. Being together against all odds, against the law and entire world.

“I guess it can’t be too often that two people can laugh and make love, too, make love because they are laughing, laugh because they’re making love. The love and the laughter come from the same place: but not many people go there…”

movies decade
Source: IMDb

                Obviously, there are more movies that could (should) make the list, but sadly we don’t have the time. Maybe one day… Maybe one day I will start doing videos about all the movies I love? Haha, who knows. For now, all you have are my words. And my heart, of course. Use it wisely!

4 thoughts on “My top 10 best movies of this decade

  1. You know what they say, that great minds think alike? This is about us. Great minds is about us. It’s crazy how much alike we are when it comes to movies – out of the 10 bits you shared, I only haven’t seen one but anyway I know how much of an impact it had on the cinematic world. After all, Christopher Nolan is a master of images just as you are a master of words.
    When you asked me about one movie which was missing for you to complete this list, I looked through the list of movies released between 2010 and 2019 by the order of me assessing them and when my eyes laid on „Collateral Beauty”, first I thought „oooh it was so beautiful and touching, I should mention this” but after a second it crossed my mind that nah, it cannot be in Top10. And then I read your post and see this movie on your list!
    I was super excited for „Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse” since I saw the first teaser after „Venom”. I remember telling Marta that this seems like a cool cartoon and then I talked to you and you weren’t much hyped for it. How the turntables! This movie has set the bar for animations so high that it will be so hard for any movie to jump over it. Even for the sequel it will be so hard to be at least as good as the original one. Phew, no pressure Sony, no pressure.
    „Rogue One” is the first movie from Star Wars universe that made me cry. „If Beale Street Could Talk” is so sweet and soft despite the heaviness of the topic covered, but it’s interesting how this one made it to your list but „Green Book” or „Moonlight” didn’t. It’s not that I disagree with your choice, but still, the first one I just mentioned was so hyped that many would find it natural that this movie should be part of the Top10 of the last decade.
    I know shit about physics but Stephen Hawking is such an icon that I knew that I had to watch „The Theory of Everything” no matter what. And I agree, he would have been SO EXCITED to see the picture of the black hole. After all, it was one of his main fields of study.
    HTTYD will stay in my heart forever. I have Toothless as my screensaver in my personal computer for years now. Moreover, the people behind this series are so talented that you can blindly bet your money on their productions. I watched „Abominable” recently and let me tell you just one thing – the main character is a fluffy Yeti whose fur looks SO SOFT that I’d hug him till the end of my days.
    Last, but not least, the biggest highlight of this last decade for me – Endgame. There was no other movie I waited so much for and that would evoke this level of emotions in me and that I would’ve seen in the cinema so many times. All stories that led to this moment, all the buildup, the knowledge that this movie will mark an end to some era. This movie is everything and much more and the Avengers theme gives me goosebumps every freaking time I hear it. Makes me wonder, if I’ll ever feel this strongly about any other movie in my life.
    I’d add one movie which made my mind blow – I didn’t like the story that much but the way the plot was carried out throughout the whole movie, methods of directing, music. All of this made „Birdman” stay deep in my mind. Similarly, „Whiplash”, which made me think of person I would never like to become.
    Okay, this is an unbelievably long comment, time to end it. I like what you make me do and how much thought you evoke in me!

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