Filmed in London

            Filmed, set and inspired – my weekend trip to this wonderful city encouraged me to go back to the “best” ….

The sweetest thing

           Love is the sweetest thing – it comes in all shapes and sizes, but it most certainly is sweet, with a dash of bitterness. But ….

2022: it’s a wrap!

            2022 is over and we are now officially in 2023 – the Earth completed another lap around the sun, and I had my last morning ….

Have yourself a merry little…

            Have yourself a merry little whatever. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Lot! It’s been a minute, no? But hey, I got some well-needed and ….

Almost there…

            Almost. It’s almost time for my summer vacation in the middle of autumn. Winter, almost! It’s been a long-ass year, Friend. Beautiful but mentally tough ….